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I went into my local Fitness 19 wanting to try out the gym with my sister who is a member. I did not know of the free trial they offer so i asked how to become a member. The employee spoke with me about their prices and child care provided or members while they work out. I thought it was a good place so i decided to become a member, the employee then got the membership paper for me to fill out and asked for a moment to attend to something as i filled out the papers. I then heard about their free trial before the employee came back to collect the papers so when the employee did come back i told him that i had heard about their free trial and i would like to sign up for the free trial instead of the membership and he said he would get the paper for the free trial when he came back with the paper for the free trial he offered to take the membership paper from me and i said thank you and i asked him that since i was no longer wanting the membership at the moment if he could mark out my bank information before he tossed the paper work and he nodded and walked to his desk and came back within a couple minutes to take the paper i signed for the free trial and i asked him if they still offer child care for the free trial period and he said yes we offer child care for the free trial period but that i would have to pay $2.50 per day and i accepted to pay the $2.50 per day as needed for child care for my son while i came to try out the gym.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bakersfield, CAI used my free trial or a couple days and decided that being a single mother and a full time student with a job i just dont have the time to go to the gym. Today some things did not come out of my bank account and when i proceeded to speak with my bank to see why something had bounced i learned that i have been charged for the membership for the past couple months for $19 plus a one time charge for $50 and another for $40. After finishing up with the bank i went the to Fitness 19 gym where i had signed up for the free trial to speak with the employee who i did the paper work i had asked the employee if he remembered me and he had a puzzled look on his face and i said thats fine and proceeded to tell him everything that i just stated above and he said recalls me wanting the membership but denied that i had changed my mind and no longer wanted the membership even though i told him that my sister was nearby and overheard our conversation we had that day. I accepted that he would not apologize nor admit that there was an accidental mistake nor help me resolve my problem all he told me i could do was cancel the membership and when i requested to cancel my membership the employee then became rude towards me. i would like to request a refund and to i have copies for proof of the transactions on my bank account but i do not wish to post them, i will be willing to email the copies of my bank statement if i may be provided with an email. Thank you.

May 17, 2017

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