Fitness 19 / failure to cancel membership costing me money

Thornton, CO, United States

I cancelled my son's membership over a year ago. They stopped billing my card for awhile. Then I noticed they has been billing me for several months again. I told an employee of the club to cancel. He took my information and said he would give it to his manager and they would take care of it. I noticed again I was still getting charged so i called the club. They said I needed to come in. The next day I made a special trip to go in. They said there was no one there to handle cancellations. I tried on 3 more days. in the mean time I have now been charged for several months while trying to fix the problem. I go away a lot for work and for planning my out if town wedding so I've been gone a lot and cannot deal with this. I cannot continue to be charged and continue to waste my time and money.

Apr 13, 2018

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