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Fisher & Paykel Singel Drawer Dishwasher / Lemon Dishwasher - Poor Warranty Service

1 Cranberry Township, PA, United States Review updated:

On November 21st 2007, I bought a Fisher & Paykel & Paykel DS603SS Single Drawer Dishwasher from Lowes. I was building a bar in my basement and needed to buy it before they began in order to template the space. The project was large in scope and included finishing 1400 sqare feet of the basement, so the dishwasher was not installed until March 21st 2008. In the interim, it set in a storage area unopened and obviously unused. When it was finally installed, I went to use it and it did not drain. After every use, water was in the dishwasher and I would have to empty the water by hand using a cup.

Since it was past 60 days from purchase (even though it was the first use) I was unable to return it to Lowe's - coupled with the fact that it was installed into the cabinetry of my new bar. I called Fisher and Paykel to get warranty service. The person on the other end of the phone was very rude and tried to tell me that it was installation or user error (I had my plumber out 3 times at my expense to make sure that all connections were proper). She then warned that she would provide warranty service information, but if it was found to be user or installation error, I would be on the hook for the charge of the service call. On April 7th, I received my 1st of 4 service calls. It was determined that the pump and motor were bad. Since F&P are in New Zealand, it took 3 weeks for parts to come. It took 3 additional trips, extra parts ordered, and general incompetence before the diswasher was in working order (today, 6/12/2008). While the service technicians were borderline incompetent, it should not have come to this - the product should not have been faulty out of the box and it should not be such a challenge for them to stick behind their products - especially when they brag about how they stand behind their products.

Do not buy this brand - if you do - hope that there are no issues that require them to stand behind their product. It has been a very challenging 3 months.

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  • Pa
      24th of Jun, 2008
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    Fisher and Paykel Dishwashers I agree are a pile of junk as we got given a brand new Single door Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Model DW 60 and and after waiting for 3 weeks for missing hose parts to arrive. No we live in New Zealand and they make them here. Upon first use approx 4 screws dropped out of the outside door edge. I opened the door and wondered where the screws had got to. Upon checking I found several over screw were not holding into the panel so lack of quality control in these products. They certinaly dont stand behind there products.
    Here is my posting link on You Tube.
    There are a few others there also.
    After all this we took it back and exchanged it for a different make. I even note screws on this model dont secure in properly also but a far surperior machine.
    So I would have to say the same thing that Fisher and Paykel is a pile of junk and aviod this brand at all costs. Oh by the way keep away from Elba as made by Fisher and Paykel. I wondered if they changed the brand name to make people think its a different make.?

  • Al
      25th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    we are on our third dishdrawer in 5 years and they are just junk!!! We have had several paid-for repairs, each costing more than a brand new cheaper model, no refunds for these, just reassurances that we have been unlucky... NEVER AGAIN!!! DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE! Customer service is equally poor - currently no reply to emails regarding the latest breakdown - to say I am disappointed is an understatement; one equates cost to reliablity but never ever again; am going to but with a five year warranty now...have told F/p that I have posted this comment - watch this space.

  • Ak
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    I have been trying for 4 years to get one of my drawers to work. I have two. One on either side of my sink. One works beautifully and the other not so well (or not at all). After many repairs, I finally just gave up and decided that the unit looked really nice in my cabinets and we could use it to store dirty dishes. I tried one last attempt today to speak with customer service and they said since I hadn't had a service call in over a year I would have to have someone come out and call them from my house and tell them it doesn't work. I have already spent almost an entire week of my life waiting on service calls from Fisher Paykel repair people and why should I have to call them to come again so they can call customer service to tell them it doesn't work! The customer service rep. wanted to make sure I included in any blogs that they were willing to come out and look at it, but since it was not in warranty I can assume that I would have to pay someone to tell me it doesn't work! So I declined the offer and am now voicing frustations here. I do have one that works beautifully and one that is a lemon so if you purchase one make sure you purchase the longest warranty they have!! The entry above said it has been 3 challenging months- try 4 challenging years!

  • Un
      10th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I bought a two-drawer Fisher and Paykel dishwashers from Yale Electric in Boston in late 2003. Within weeks it started to turn itself on and would continue to cycle until we shut off the circuit breaker. Yale sent a repair person who "fixed" it at no charge because it was under warranty. Within months, it was doing the same thing. This time it cost me about $250 for Yale service folks to "repair it." Again, within months it was not working again. Yale now wants to charge me $199 for a repair person to come out and diagnose the problem - that is before any work is done. I gave up and have been doing my dishes by hand - can't afford to replace the dishwasher at this point. In talking with other repair people and appliance sales folks, they say Fisher and Paykel drawer dishwashers are junk. Yale knows this and continues to sell them. They make their money by charging people $199 to come diagnose the problem so that people, having already invested $199, will more likely go ahead with the more expensive repairs.

    I bought five appliances from Yale electric at the time I purchased the Fisher and Paykel. The GE refrigerator started making a loud noise shortly after it was delivered. Yale sent a repair person who supposedly fixed the problem. The refrigerator still makes the loud annoying noise on a regular basis. I also purchased a GE double electric wall oven, which stopped working when it was 2.5 years old. Yale repair man estimated it would cost more than $500 to fix, almost half what I paid for it. When I complained to Yale about the fact that three out of the five appliances I bought from them either do not work or do not work correctly, they said I could pay $199 for them to come out and look at the first appliance and another amount for each additional appliance they come to diagnose. I finally called GE and, and although it took several phone calls, they worked with me to get the oven fixed. GE had retained a customer.
    Yale has lost a customer for good. When I buy a dishwasher it will definitely not be from Yale. I will never do business with that company as long as I live. They sell appliances they have no intention of standing behind because they make a bundle in the repair business.

  • Ia
      26th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I live in NZ and bought an Elba dishwasher by F&P what a piece of __it How a great company like F& P could fall so low can only be the chinease ownership rip and run as per normal this machine won't clean dises and takes forevere
    and of cource F&P don't want to know

  • Ve
      24th of Jul, 2013
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    I purchased a Fisher and Paykel dual dish drawer paid over $1300.0 for this piece of JUNK...just after the first year the support link broke cost me another $100.00 the constant leaking of water to the bottom so you get the F1 error is getting ridiculous. I contacted Fisher Paykel directly since I found out they changed the support link ( another piece of plastic) looks like computer ties...for $100.00 they will not back up their product. So disappointed in this machine! Can't wait to get rid of it...Constant flooding errors, rotor goes bad, changed it now the bottom drawer goes on all the time...and besides they are too small for 10" square plates...can't use my every day plates any more due to the small compartments. I don't care where you buy this from Fisher Paykel is not a good product...I am going back to a Whirlpool as suggested by a REPAIR service shop owner...Really a bad machine...manufacturers today just take our money for their disposal garbage and people tolerate it so for us few who complain they take their chance and keep getting richer.

  • Ad
      4th of Aug, 2015
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    [COMPLAINT] POOR SERVICE! I had a scheduled repair / service on my washing machine today. The service was supposed to occur between 7am and 12pm. at 12:45pm I rang customer service. They advised that there were many people off sick and the technician was running late. (my reply is why didn't someone ring me to let me know they would be late?) He would be at my house in 30 to 60 minutes. at 3:45 I rang to speak to someone to find out what was going on. I spoke to Daniel who then advised that the technician had tried contacting me but couldn't reach us. he double checked my details and everything they had was correct. He advised they could come back tomorrow as the technician went home. I advised I couldn't wait any more than what I had done today. i asked to speak to a supervisor, her name was tanya. Tanya then said the same. I said this wasn't good enough that I had taken this much time off and she agreed. She asked what I wanted and I suggested Fisher and Paykel should pay for the repairs. She said they couldn't do this, but that something should be done. I asked what and she said she couldn't make that decision now and she would be back on Thursday to let me know. Fisher and Paykel you need to seriously pick up your customer service game. This is not appropriate.

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