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I was asked to pay certain corrier and bank charges to a private account for onward transfer to the first national bank of south Africa to enable the bank send my loaded ATM card through DHL, I want to find out if that is in line with the First National bank of South Africa Policy. my E. mail Address is [protected]
I need your response as urgent as possible

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      6th of Jan, 2013

    First National Bank of South Africa.

    FNB House, 112 Grayston Drive,
    Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Tel: 00 27 734731880
    Fax: 00 27 862398592


    Attn: Mohammad Hakimpur,

    We have received all your information as supplied by you and your lottery Agent Mr. Steve Ronald in connection with the application submitted in your favor and an approval has been given to process your prize money into your account. We also acknowledge the receipt of your filled information which we verified as your correct information.

    Please do acknowledge our handling and transfer charges which is calculated to the tune of (GBP£750.00) Seven Hundred and Fifty Great Britain Pounds Only, which you need to pay before your prize money will be transferred into your nominated bank account in your country. These charges will cover the cost of Transferring/processing of your winning fund into your account in your country.

    You should not be oblivious of the fact that your prize money is under insurance coverage and as result of that the transfer charges cannot be deducted from the winning sum until your prize money is transferred to you wholesomely without tampering by any person as the insurance policy stipulates.

    All payment should be directed and made through your authorized lottery agent, Mr. Steve Ronald with payment information which he may deem fit, the payment information will be giving to you by him upon your acceptance to pay the charges to enable us conclude your lottery payment into your nominated bank account in your country . Please contact him now on the mode of sending the required charges for onward payment to us on you behalf to enable us effect your lottery payment into you account.

    And note that to claim this prize money is not a matter of force or compulsion to any of the winners and once you fails to, you will stand a chance of being disqualified from the program and your winning prize shall be sent back to the lottery board with immediate effect at the expiration of the deadline given.

    Upon receipt of this stated payment, your prize money will take only 72 hours to be credited into your bank account in your country without further delay.

    You are strictly advised to keep all your winning information private and confidential until your prize money is remitted into your account coordinates in your country to avoid unwarranted abuse of this program by non-beneficiary should they have access to your winning information and also to avoid double claim.

    The payment should be made on or before the seven days given deadline so that we can commence proceedings in transferring your money upon the receipt of the payment.

    The earlier we receive the charges the better for us to start immediate processing of your prize money for approval and transfer. A copy of this has also been sent to your agent for immediate action.

    View the attached file and contact us immediately for advice.

    Thanks for your co-operation,


    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Ray Phosa,
    (Foreign Exchange/Remittance Dept, FNB Bank RSA).

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