First National Bank / fraud

United States

On Sunday the 22nd May 2011 my cellphone suddenly showed “Limited Services”, however being at Church I thought it might be a problem with MTN and did not worry about it, however by Sunday evening my phone was still showing “Limited Services”. I put my sim card in my wife’s phone and it showed that there was a “sim” card problem, I decided to leave it till the Monday morning, until I opened my e-mails, and then I realised something was wrong as money was moving out of my account at a rapid speed. I immediately phoned my Private Banker whom in turn contacted First National Bank Fraud Division and my account was frozen, but too late, the thieves had already taken R 16, 000.

FNB Fraud Division tracked the EFT Funds to Standard Bank and ABSA, I also have statements where the thieves paid R 1, 000 into a cellphone account. FNB Fraud Division contacted me and forwarded forms I had to complete and open a theft case at SAPS, which I duly did and sent the Case Number and completed forms back to First National Bank Fraud Division, after that I received a letter from FNB confirming the case is being investigated and will take approximately 3 weeks. After 4 weeks I asked FNB for an update, only for FNB to tell me that I have to complete forms for MTN before MTN will supply information regarding the Sim Swap, I found this strange that only after I complained did First National Bank ask me to fill in forms for MTN.

This suggests that First National Bank had not been working on this case, I warned FNB that I want my money back and will be approaching the Ombudsman. Suddenly I am advised by phone by First National Bank that my account was compromised and they will not be refunding my money and advised I should contact the Ombudsman if I want to take the case further…..all this happened once I started sending e-mails demanding my money back, personally I think FNB took offense and made a decision that my account was compromised, if this is the case how is it possible, I am a one man business working from home, and only I work on my computer, my business is internationally based and I am well aware of “Phishing” e-mails that do the rounds.

It is evident from postings on Hello Peter .com that FNB simply does not care about their Clients, but are very quick to take service fees to enrich themselves. First National Bank has all these marvellous adverts “how can we help you” should be changed to “how can we take your money”.


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