First Gulf Bank / unhuman - wish for their bankcruptcy

United Arab Emirates Review updated:

I really feel sorry for having first gulf bank as my credit card. It was really a big mistake of my life, because the way the colletors treat their customers is very unhuman.

I just missed two payments because of my vacation and unexpected pregnancy. Since then, the collectors always going to my workplace and making scandals. Every week they are sending fax to our hr. I beg them to wait since I came from big expenses but they didn’t listen. They are very unhuman… they even calling me even from morning till evening, even my families in our country.

Mr. Ankit, one # guy from collection department call me an # and threatened me that he will make my life miserable if I didn’t pay. He call also my family and told them that I was in big trouble here in uae and asked them to send money for me.

Is it allowed for them to do that? Please I need legal advise. I really want to sue and curse fgb.

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  • Ja
      Mar 22, 2011

    The only thing to do is to ignore their calls.. change your job and still pay for your unsettled amount. Don't let them stress you out. They are sick animals.

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  • Ev
      Aug 23, 2011

    ignore their calls and make a complaint at the central bank regarding FGB's credit and collection employees bad behavior towards their clients. Dont let them bother you, just pay your unsettled amount peacefully, the big problem of FGB's credit and collection department emplyees are lack of professional ethics and trainings.

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  • Lo
      Nov 30, 2011

    FGB is the worst bank for the way it treats it's customers who are in financial stress. Everyone should spread the word never to deal with this bank. when I lost my job and got jailed by one bank, FGB found out they immediately made a case against me which meant I could not get out of jail even after i served my first sentence. I pleaded with them to release the case as i had a disabled child and I needed to find a job but they told me they did not care about my kid and it was not their problem, this bank is Godless and they will destroy anyone for money, they have no humanity and the worse part is it is a local owned bank. they talk about humanity outside this country but don't know what the word means for their own country. i finally got out of jail through friends help but even to this day they are still threatening to put me back in jail. Anyone who reads this and still does business with this bank deserves the pain they will eventually inflict on them.

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  • Sr
      Aug 14, 2013

    central bank complaints department - Please write to them .. u will see the difference

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