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After being suckered into a $1, 800 lease for 49.99 machine with pin pad - we do mail order by the way - we gave up on getting out of it after 9 months of phone calls, letters, and emails. We sent the machine back in April of 2009 with a big check. In Feb of 2010, they charged me another $200 for not returning the machine! I gave them the tracking number and asked for a refund. Yeah, Okay we can do that. 40 days later still no refund. Called again. Took 4 calls to get a supervisor. There can't be that many people in the place. They have now expedited my refund and it should be here within 5 to 7 days. I won't hold my breath. But I gotta try.

Stay away from these people!! at all costs. You will never get away from them. Pretty soon they should be debiting my account again for the annual security monitoring - can't wait for that fight! again! The account was cancelled within 30 days of opening in Oct of 2008 and it still comes back to haunt us.


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  • Ae
      30th of Aug, 2010

    We've been defrauded too. Do you know the address of FDGL where I can return our equipment too? How much was this big check?

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  • Pe
      7th of Oct, 2011

    Shame on Sam's Club and Wlamart Inc for being in BED with First Datat & First Data Global leasing. The Sam's club manager refered The First Data Scam artist to my business, I signed on his computer without seeing or reading what I signed. I assumed since it was a Sams club referal it would be okay. Well I have been screwed by First Data Global leasing like everyone else here. I could have recieved a better referral from the Mafia or the drug cartel and gotten a better deal. Shame on you Sams Club!!!

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