First American Home Warranty / A/C OUT FOR ALMOST 3 WEEKS

TX, United States

We put in a service complaint on 04/11 about our A/C that does not work. Today is 04/28 and still NOTHING. I have called and talked to 7 representatives. Still NO REP has emailed as requested nor called the tenant. Three of these representatives attempted to call the contractor and they cannot reach him by phone! I also cannot reach him by phone! I asked why they do not get a new contractor and the customer service rep said it would take longer as they have to send it to the "Contractor Resolution Center". I have a legal background and plan to get a Class Action lawsuit started if I don't get resolution quickly. There are so many that have been scammed, as I am discovering, by this company. Their advertising is false and misleading to the layman. There are laws in this country against this sort of thing, and they need to be enforced to prevent this type of company from operating in the United States of America.

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