Fingerhut / overall customer service

MN, United States

On Jan 3 I receive a letterfcromFingerhut informing me they were closing my Credit Account with a whopping line of creit of $400. Now rememberthey contacted me with offer of credit. I had place 4 orders which contained multiple products within each order. I received7 different product for promotional coed creits and shiupping and handing allowances. THE LAST TIME I CHECKED THAT WHAT PROMOTIONAL CODES ARE USED FOR. I almost forgot they send me a free hooded sweatshirt as comphensiontin. Frm the letter it stated the number of times that you hjave requested credit and other exceptions is greatly in excess of that which occurs with other customers and is no longer acceptable. Therefore we do not believe this relationship is mutually beneficial and we are notifyingb yourthat we are closing your Credit Account. As of that Jan 3 i could no long be allowed to place order using fingerhut credit card. You are still responsible paying the balance inf full. I was not satifieid with the orders I freceived and as a customer I have the right to any and every promition avalable!!! Of course I called their customer Headquarters and given the generl so sorry speech. I still had $40 of merchandise coupons to use and was told if I used my own credity card they would still accept the mercvhnadise coupons. Of course I tried several times with my other credit cards and when put in merchandised coupon was denied.
I raised cain with customer service and called corporate headquarters and got no response. I received a letter from the same person who wrote in Jan which ruined my Christmas Holidays. This lettter dated March 27 informed me ath I was no longer allowed to contact any entity of Fingerhut via telephone due to excessive unnecessary contacts.I am no longer alloed to email Customer Service Departments. If I must contyact them to discuss issue about remaining balance must be done in writint ti address they require.The credited the $40 to my account they had just denied me using it. Thye now consider this matter closed and will not respond to any further communication received from me regarding the discount coupon, the business decision to close your account or the decision to block you from contacting Fingerhut via telephone or email. I am a retired NAvy vet of 20 years and when I wanted other items or questioned why I did not get a promotional credit I did finall get it after contacting their customer service via telphone and e-mail. I asked for my complaINT TO GO TO THE ceo AND RECEIVE A LETTER OF APOLOGY AND GOT THIS RUDE LETTER!!! And on the bottom of the letter is a sign of the BBB accredited Business! I would not recommend fingerut to anyone or ever shop their again!! I am stuck with some jewelery I wanted to send back!!! I would like to know who these high and mighty people think they are treatment of their customers andf lack of respect for me as a veteran!!!

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