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Festiva Resorts / duplicity

NC, United States Review updated:
does anyone know if there is a class action suit growing regarding Festiva Properties. The numerous emails -just on this site alone-attest to its deceptive sales pitch. I've yet to get anything worthwhile through INTERVAL (which was "guaranteed" during the sales pitch). The straw that broke the camels back is the increase in maintenance dues.
The 2010 dues are ~30% increase over last year's...the party line is that multi-owners hae defaulted on their maintenance agreement last year..putting their properties into default. what is going on and how to stop it.
Is there ANY LAW group out there willing to help the Festiva "Adventure" Club owners. Please contact me


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  4th of Jun, 2017
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I will also be contacting the attorney general's office! We had points to use-or loose by end 2017 but are told they cannot book anything at our home property until Jan 2018. This was just the last straw...we have had nothing but trouble with Festiva since our purchase in 2011.
  18th of Jul, 2017
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I am in the same boat! Purchased 10 years ago and used the points 3 times. Every time I tried to use them, I did not have enough points or the time wasn't available and you lose them if you don't use them in a certain time frame. Requested release and was told it was denied because I had not paid this year's fees. Offered to pay all fees providing they would approve, in advance, release within 30 days of payment. Their response arrived today, "can not assure anything in advance but will reconsider once you pay all fees". Just another carrot to keep bleeding you. My response was to begin whatever legal process they chose as I will not be suckered anymore. Guess they will sue my estate! Vultures!!
  21st of Jul, 2017
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I am trying to see how to start a class action lawsuit or if one is already started because I want out and I want my 10, 000.00 back cause I was lied to about a lot of stuff and it is just a scam
  24th of Jul, 2017
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@Margaret Robinson Smith Please keep me posted! I'd like to join lawsuit as well. We purchased the timeshare April 2014 and were totally lied to about the program! It is a scam!
  24th of Jul, 2017
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@Angela Cambareri Varamo http://wlos.com/news/local/festiva-travel-club-ordered-to-refund-customers
  24th of Jul, 2017
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@Angela Cambareri Varamo I called and spoke to someone in the office of the Attorney General/Consumer Protection re: the Festiva Lawsuit that was closed last year. They suggested we contact a private attorney.
  21st of Jul, 2017
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Why do we not have a class action lawsuit on Festiva I know there is enough people and all of us have the same complaint we all are gone to get together this makes no sense the way they are taking our money and making promises and we get nothing but higher maintenance every year!!
  11th of Nov, 2017
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Very interesting!!! We bought “Deeds” at Festva Resorts CHURCH STREET INN with less than 35 rooms and a “moratorium on Time Shares in Charleston “South Carolina in 2007. We were told when Fractioal Deeds all sold, there were no more to sell, better buy it now!!!
That was 10 years ago and then they started selling points, points points, Such a ripoff for deed buyers, that’s if you actually got your deed at Church Street Inn; they tried to get you to DEED in Myrtle Beach ( because it was “better “ they said once they knew you were going to buy, but being from Charleston I knew that was BS!!!

UNLIMITED points sales not Deeds began, still selling 10 years later.!!!

Just learned yesterday ( Nov., 2017) they are adding new types of ownership with no maintenance fees. Lovely!
They use this darling little place to sell, sell sell and keep rooms available to house their possible new sales pitches along with their full sales or “convert your Deeds to points STAFF and offices so all those rent when you come anytime of the year rooms are virtually impossible and will get worse.
I could not get a room in October last year for the rest of the year because they were all “booked up” with their “corporate inventory allotment” which is a huge scam!!!

I’m sure the rest of the Deeded owners here are very unhappy with Festiva Resorts bait and switch at The Church Street Inn!
  27th of Dec, 2017
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Please advise me. Bought timeshare when it was Los Lagos II, Hot Springs Village, AR. Trying to be released from it. Not sure what to do.
  7th of Mar, 2018
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I am a Festiva "Owner". I have been unable to use any of my points to vacation at any of the resorts I want to stay at - FOR 2 YEARS NOW. Every time I try to make a reservation, even as far out as I am allowed, I am denied. There are no vacancies. The salesman who sold us this turd told us we could easily reserve a week and sell it to someone else through a real estate office. Apparently this is illegal and we never should have been told this. The homeowners dues have gone from $1, 200 a year to $2.400 a year for property I cannot use. And I am still paying on a ridiculous LOAN every month for vacations I cannot take. I banked some points with RTX, they offer nothing that I can use. I am so angry at this point and all I hear from Festiva is tough [censor]. [censor] this company.

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