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I purchased this timeshare and signed a quitclaim deed as trade-in towards purchase price. The following January, I received billing for the maintenance fees for the old timeshare which I had signed the quitclaim deed for. I called the company and they told me that several people had been done 'that way' but that I still owned the old timeshare due to Festiva not recording the quitclaim with Horry County courthouse.

After phone calls and even a visit to Festiva, I was treated as though that quitclaim never took place and that I owed full price. I had the quitclaim deed in my posession and was asked if they could see it. I was showing it to the female and she took it to make copies but never returned it to me saying her manager would take care of it but in the mean time they wanted to offer me options!! Options for upgrading, etc. of which I wanted nothing of the sort. Now I have no proof of them taking the quitclaim deed and I have maintenence fees for both places AND I just received SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FEES of $465.00 apart from regular maintenence fees for Festiva. Reason? They can't pay their bills! Well, I can't pay their bills either.

What recourse do I have? PLEASE HELP ME. I'm having difficulty paying my own home payment, etc.

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  • Mb
      Oct 26, 2010

    I also received a Special Assessment bill for $465.00. I am furious that I pay increasing mainenance fees year after year and am now assessed additional fees. Proper use of past maintenance fees should have kept the resort maintained. The items listed in the letter that need to be fixed and updated are supposed to be covered my maintenence fees. I would sell this timeshare in a heartbeat! I am so very disappointed.

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  • El
      Oct 29, 2010

    I totally agree. Ellington is being very shady with their "special assessment" This is the second one I got for $465 on top of my maint fees and the first one was supposed to be for "improvements". I went there this summer with my family and long behold its still run down with very little improvements if any I could see. What are they doing with the money? And a second note they have no security and no fencing around the property. We brought 4 bicycles with us for our family and they were stolen!! They do not even provide bike racks for our own personal bike. Very poorly run resort if you ask me!

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  • Bl
      Nov 01, 2010

    In response to the two above situations, I totally agree and something has to be done. I sent my daughter and son in law there for thier honeymoon last year and they received very rude treatment and the accomadations were less than desireable. There has to be a recourse and I think we need to seek that end. I, like so many others, don't even have savings now and I'm not paying for the corporations lack of business abilities. The greed and dishonest business approaches have caught up to them. A local TV station (South Carolina area) did a spot on them. I think if we could all get together, something would be done to resolve "our loss." I'm still paying monthly mortgage payments and the maintenace fee and they want more!!! NO CAN DO!

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  • Pr
      Dec 12, 2010

    Hi there! we are also Festiva Owners and I am extremely dissapointed as we were locked in a hotel conference room and pressured into buying this timeshare. Our children were very scared and upset! In any case we bought into the timeshare, with the intention of going back the next day to give it back. Well we were met with some serious resistance and of course the office was closed when we were told a time to come back at certain times. Once we returned to CANADA we telephoned the company and they told us that we sighned a legal binding agreement. SO WE SUCKED IT UP! Until recently we received our assesment fees and our maimtenance fees we were very shocked to say the least. My annual taxes for my home that I own are cheaper. All the promises that the company employees promised were not legal and should be reviewed by The Attorney Generals Office. In Canada these people would be out of business let alone even start up a business. like this. My only hope here is that the Attorney General hears the complaints and shutts these people down. My family was lied to we were held captive, we were forced into something that we would not normally be willing participants of such a racket. My only hope is to hire a good attorney in the United Stated to see if we can have some course of action. I want to say to people out there if you are considering buying a Time Share DONT DO IT. If you can't go home and think about a large purchase and weigh your options then i personally guarantee you will end up like the rest of us writing on these blogs. Festiva and its corporation should be ashamed to sell their timeshares as a five star resorts they are at best a 2 star. Yes banning together lets stop the criminals who are robbing us and as we are all passively standing by and letting them do so.

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  • Lt
      Dec 18, 2010

    I'm all in! I have been stuck with Festiva for past 3 years, and with Peppertree the provious 10 years. I paid off the Peppertree and my progressivly rising maintaince fees, only to bullied into purchacing additional points and upgrading in order to recieve what they claimed to be better availability and service through Festiva. I also recieved the assessment bill, and would like to know what they do with the money they get from all the walk in guest who use our resorts. Festiva only has access to a limited amount of units they can provide for us owners, the rest are at the disposal of the resort property to do as they will. Is this fair? I could go on, but the bottom line is we must ban together to put these crooks out of business, and take the money we are paying them and take real vacation. My name is Randy and you can E-mail me at [protected]@AOL.COM Maybe we can get enough of us together and take em down!

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  • Ca
      Dec 28, 2010

    After a very high pressure sell-job, I stupidly agreed to purchase an interval arrangement wiht Festiva. Attached to that was a piece of paper that I signed agreeing to purchase a "Trustee Registration Fee" of $395, this is before I am able to use the club that I have paid faithfully on! Yes, I did make that agreement, yes, I did pay down payment and am paying the monthly payments. Now, I believe I have been duped - $395 is not a huge amount of money, but unethical business practices are unethical business practices. When I called a few minutes ago to discuss it, the person I spoke to, although polite, was not in the least concerned that I am not pleased.

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  • Ro
      May 07, 2012


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