It's November 29th...and I ordered on October 31.
I sent many emails, reached BBB, finally filed a case on PayPal a few days ago...and their stupid reaction is to tell me my package was delivered already so contact USPS...they sent me a tracking # as a proof...
The SAME EXACT tracking# from the previous order I already recieved while ago!!!

On top of that, they sent me an email that says " "Good new!! We're finishing touches to your order!!"" With the order # that's also exact same # as my old order!!! Wtf is going on?!?! They gotta be extra retard to act up like that. What kind of system they are using to take care of orders from all over the countries?!?!
Now PayPal is dealing with them to get my full refund. Shame on you.
If you are still waiting for your package, good luck. I hope you guys won't see any missing items in the package when you receive. Another hell is coming. I'm done with FN.

Nov 29, 2018

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