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Longueuil, QC, Canada

Hi i have been Trying to get in touch with you guys by phone but it seems impossible to speak with anyone...i have placed an order on Monday the 9th of october and still havent Receiver anything. Yet when im tracking my order it Says that its in transit in ups i called and they told me that they received the sticker with the address of delivery but no package was ever picked up. They told me i should really get in touch with you guys but then when i call customer services no answer. Here is my order number #8394147 and my tracking number is R000003374922 my name is Maude Dhambri Choinière and i live on 3661 rue rideau saint-hubert Québec Canada j3y5m7. Hopefully i Will hear back from you it is very frustating Trying to get in touch with a compagny you order from and spend money without any answer thank you

Oct 18, 2017

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