FashionNova / haven't got my order still/ they lost it - ordered on the 16th

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I placed an order on october 16, 2017 for $184.66 usd. Even though it says my order has been fulfilled, I have no tracking information for it. So I emailed in. The first response was a guy named kenneth saying that it had already been delivered... Which it had not. So I emailed in again: second response said:

"oct 23, 07:28 pdt

Dear t,

Thank you for reaching out. I'm happy to help! While fashion nova has no control over packages while they are in transit, we have made every effort to coordinate with rr donnelly for details on the status of your order. Unfortunately, rr donnelly was unable to provide us with information on the whereabouts of your package."

So they're in the business of taking your money and not giving you the items you paid for. They're saying they not only lost my order of $184.66 usd but they're also saying that I have to do something about it rather than them figure out where their company went wrong? I want the clothes or my money back asap.

Oct 24, 2017

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