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Purchased from the web: At the top of the page in big red letters you advertise two day shipping. You do not provide two day shipping. I received an email stating my order was in transit to its destination on Thursday, this means it would arrive Saturday per two day shipping. Obviously, the mail does not deliver on Sunday. I expected the package Saturday, as I needed it for photos on Sunday. This is the ONLY reason I ordered from you. You offered two day shipping and I ordered on Wednesday. I took the photos sans your clothes because they didn't not arrive until Monday. Too late. I do not need them anymore and did not get to use them for their purpose and spent over $70 on product I have no use for because you advertised two day shipping. I contacted your Customer Service by email and went around in circles for about 18 emails. I contacted your Customer Service number provided on your website and on the reps tag from the unhelpful emails I was receiving. The telephone number can be described as pretty much a voicemail that has a greeting from Christmas season on it. I left two messages asking for someone to call me back. I have not heard back and your rep by email refuses to allow me to speak to anyone but her. She is repeatedly copying and pasting links to your website that I do not need. I am not interested in reading your links. I WANT A REFUND. I do not care about store credit because I have no desire to purchase anything from your website ever again! It is absolutely ridiculous that you would not give your customer what they ask for. Especially when I am prepared to lose out on the funds for shipping it back to you because you do not provide return shipping labels, also a bad customer service issue. What kind of company is this?! Your customer service is atrocious. Any reputable company would never refuse to refund a customer their money for such an issue. The only reason I believe they are refusing is because everyone would be returning their items because of your false advertisement. Also, it is not proper business practice for a rep of your company to refuse a supervisor and refuse to allow a consumer to speak to someone regarding their issue. Providing me with a voicemail to which I will never be able to reach someone is also false advertisement. I want a refund. I DO NOT ACCEPT STORE CREDIT as an option, why would I want to spend money at your business with a reputation for lying to your customers? I am so very surprised you are still in business treating customers this way. I filed with BBB. I plan on taking to all social media with this if not resolved and filing with FTC as well. I will file with whomever I need to in order to resolve my issue because it seems resolving my complaint is not of interest to your company. FASHION NOVA IS A SCAM. I am in no way interested in some half thought reply to this complaint explaining how you are not in the wrong. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

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    My issue has been resolved. I was contacted by the company, given an apology and an explanation. This company did the right thing. They refunded because of the error, reimbursed my shipping expense and gave me a gift card because they want to do business in the future. I appreciate them doing the right thing and resolving the issue. I also understand that they are going through a transition as they had problems with a group of mistrained employees and in their shipping department over the holidays. They are rectifying that and getting back to their customers. Thanks Fashion Nova for restoring my confidence in your business.

Feb 01, 2017
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  • Sh
      Oct 25, 2018

    I also agree that this company's practices are false advertisement and no live person to speak with EVER. I never take to any kind of social media to exploit a company that cares nothing for their customers only their bottom line specifically the 600% profit they made last year my guess is their looking to surpass that this year by taking as many orders as they can and as much money as they can and not fulfilling the orders or returning the money. Several days ago I placed 2 orders totaling about $170.00 with free 2 day shipping. Needless to say that didn't happen, the order isn't even filled yest let alone mailed and I've called every phone number I could get my hands on and NOT ONCE did I ever get a live person just a super cheery voice thanking me for calling. It doesn't matter what number you press depending on your issue you receive the same generic voice mail and for you to leave a message. I've done that and have had no return call. I've emailed several times and receive a generic email back thanking me for my email and telling me how busy their customer service is and that I would receive a reply within 24 hours, nope that didn't happen either. I placed a complaint with the BBB and hopefully something will get done about their business practices. I also, needed these clothes and boots for the other day I don't need them now and I can't even speak to anyone or get an answer from email. DO NOT SHOP HERE DOESN'T MATTER WHO THEIR CELEBRITY CLIENTELE IS YOU BET THEY DON'T GET THIS TREATMENT AND THEY PROBABLY GET PAID TO WEAR NOVA'S CLOTHE S RATHER THAN PAYING FOR THE CLOTHES

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  • Ac
      Dec 03, 2018

    I have only dealt with Fashion nova one time. I placed an order for 2 things at 40% off, then by mistake I ordered a duplicate of one of the items again, at full price
    I tried to reach an ACTUAL PERSON in customer service, but all there is automatic choices and told to send an email for results I did email, 5 TIMES to cancel the duplicate order because the order had not been filled and no information sent. Then miraculously, I got an email that my order was shipped
    after doing exactly what their "customer service " said to do
    Now I have 2 ugly sweaters and I have a feeling that if I try to return the full priced item I might as well thrown my money out the window. I want a REFUND not store credit. This was made perfectly clear in all my cancellation emails
    SO FRUSTRATING!! I will never order again and tell all my friends the same thing

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