Fashion Novascamming company that practices unethical behavior!!!

P Nov 20, 2017

I am very disappointed in Fashion Nova! They false advertise on the website telling you they have "fast shipping" and that they ship "within 2 days". It is a lie. I ordered items 1 week ago for my birthday and I never even received a tracking update. My Birthday is tomorrow and I have no dress. I am very hurt and disappointed. Every time I try to check the status of my order, it says "Order not fulfilled". How dare they steal from paying consumers?? I am so tired of their fake reviews. The truth should be exposed. For every bad review, they get online and do at least 10 fake reviews so they won't "look bad". My friend used to work for the Montebello store and told me this! They send free clothes to celebrities (in a timely manner), so the celebrities can keep advertising their product. Fashion Nova took money out of my account as soon as I placed my order, and I have no update whatsoever about where my parcel is. I don't understand how a well known company can scam hundreds of people. They don't answer the phone and they send you generic emails when you ask about your items. When you write your concerns on their Instagram page, they delete your comments. To date, I have emailed them over 10 times, and called over 10 times, and I have all the records to prove it!!! I have filed a review and complaint with BBB. I am just waiting for my lawyer to compile all my records. All I want are the items I paid for. Is it really that hard to put my items in a box and ship it to me??? Disgusting customer service. I wish they cared about their paying customers as much as they care about these non paying celebrities they eagerly give free clothes too. This is so ridiculous. I really hate thieves with a passion. Very evil company that stole from me. May God punish the owner according to his wicked and scamming deeds. Amen.

Fashion Nova

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