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I've shopped with fashion nova online for the last year 1/2. For a long time appreciated there customer service and prompt delivery service. I returned two items recently through mail, on Nov 10th it said the returns were delivered on the following day the 11th so I waited til the 20th of nov hoping to receive my online store credit email, I could place another order. Nothing came so I emailed customer support, I didn't here back then I emailed the following day finally someone replied asking for my order number, I provided it and still have not heard back. I've since emailed several more times letting them know I've provided tracking order number and the items I've sent back. Still nothing, I've also called a toll free number that send you through so many prompts but then hangs up on you. I'm really disappointed because now I've basicall have had them steal $40 from me. You can't get ahold of anyone. No one replies at all to you. They were the last company I thought that would screw you over.

Nov 22, 2017

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