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My parents just got into an accident on freeway. Their tire blew up, and hit the median on the freeway. They tried not to damage their car, because they knew this matter would only get worse if they had damanged other cars.
So they ended up damanging their own car, (car frame) I believe.

We had full coverage, premium for our plan.
They will not cover any medical bills, due to one car collison.
They said if it was 2 car collision, they would've taken care of some of the medical bills. Does this even make sense to you?
What if they died of this accident? They can't get any benefit from having the insurance?

Couple days later, they gave us the rental car, nissan, piece of #.
Literally. The engine light comes up every often, and it is embarrasing to ride in that car, when we had a nice freaking
Ford expedition eddie bauer edition.

They will only allow us to rent that car worth of 500 dollars, which is only about 20 days rental.

Farmers insurance declared a total loss on our call because the car frame is damaged. If you look at the car, the car is completely in excellent condition, except the very front corner its dented.

So it's matter of time for us to decide whether we're going to release the car to them, or keep the damaged car.

We called the agent seok woo lee, also known as (jeff lee)
He is lacking in updating information with us, and never answers his phone at the office or cell phone.
What's the point of having his business card?
He went on a vacation once, when we had an accident.
He doesn't give a # what happens to his clients.
He takes an action without the clients approval.
The notice comes in after 5 or 6 months after saying that such such actions have been placed on the accident.

For this specific matter, we needed to know how much our car's retail value was, so that we can make a decision about purchasing a new car or what not.

We called the agent constantly for 2 weeks, and never got back to us.
He always have this condecending tone and attitude with anybody, like he doesn't want to maintain his job.

My parents were very frustrated, and because they were not fluent in english, I had to speak someone from the main office.

I really want to recommend everyone not to have this specific agent, and if you could, boycott farmers insurance. They're just trying to take your money for several ridiculous reason.

I know it's lose lose for the consumer, and the clients. But seriously, this insurance company sucks, and this agents needs to be fired.

Just because you're not fluent in english, don't let them take an advantage of you. Make sure you aruge, and make your statement clear to them, so they don't # you over.

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  • Dj
      Oct 30, 2010

    Farmers Insurance denied our claim. Stated we did not notify them of a different vehicle. the local agent was notified. I guess he didn't have time to update our information and follow through. Now the drivers license was suspended! Help!

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