Farmers Insurance / anthony (farmers agent) at 20264 carrey rd walnut ca 91789 united states

Worse experience I've ever had with an insurance. I was looking to insurance 3 vehicles one is an older model that sometimes is hard to get a quote on but nothing like this. I went on Thursday knowing that I had till the following Wednesday to get another insurance or I would be stuck with the one I have to get a quote from farmers was told there was also a mercury agent and that he would be able to give me a quote the next day (Friday). Friday came I called because I didn't receive a call was told I would get a call back from Dana 2 hours later no call. I called again said she was busy she would call me for sure this time. And hour later she calls I couldn't get to the phone. I called back she is busy. Whoever kept on answering the phone couldn't give me the quote for mercury. Finally Andy from mercury calls me and gives me my quote I like the price but the older car needs a separate quote. He assures me that he would email me on Monday with the quote. Monday comes it's 6pm I call and he was never in the office. Anthony the broker from farmers seems to be able to get info because he told me that nothing had come in. That he would call me or email on tuesday by 11am. It's 1130 and I called because obviously their word doesn't mean anything. He says still nothing and he would call me back later. He calls around 5 and there is still no quote on the older vehicle. At 630 when I get off work and I called back because I wouldn't answer when he called me at 5 and there is no quote. He said that normally it can take from 2-3 days or up to a week. This couldn't have been said to me from the beginning. I told them from the beginning that I had till Wednesday to renew my quote and I wasted my whole time waiting on them to give me a quote that was normally going to take a week to get. Now I'm stuck with my old insurance because I don't have time to go tomorrow to get the insurance and if I don't cancel it it automatically renews itself. Totally disappointed.

Nov 14, 2017

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