Farmers Home Furniturefurniture is broken after 2yrs. with a balance of 2000.00 and no warranty

I hate I purchased this Furniture. I got back in 2016 the back of the sofa broke 2018. And guess what the warranty gone and I still owe 2000.00 on it. I got a TV from them the sound is hoerrible and gues what the warranty is gone and its not a good TV at all. Call to ask how they can help. Get the reply " nothing we can do, you can pay us to come out and look at it . But we still need our payment . IF not we will take you to court and garnish, your wages." Im so stressed out and deprressed ny credit score is going down further than it was. Im so depressed I hate it with a passion that I got caught up in that.

Jul 24, 2018

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