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As a former employee of the Marinette location Fantastic Sams, I would just like to warn all potential applicants to get everything in writing. I was hired with a base rate of pay with the opportunity to make commission on $14.95 haircuts. Not only did I never make commission in the entire time I worked there, they lowered the haircut prices from day 1. Keep in mind that I had one of the top service sales in the area. At one point haircut prices were slashed below $9.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Marinette, WIIn order to make commission I had to average more than 3 haircuts an hour! I have since left the company and have requested (in writing) for a copy of the company handbook and my personel file, only to recieve a copy of every request off form that I had turned in...however, no copy of my application, signed handbook, terms of hire, or any other papers which should have been in my, be warned if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! FYI, it took almost 3 weeks to get a copy of my nonexsistant would think the termination papers wouldve been in there too.

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  • Me
      May 04, 2010
    Fantastic Sams - Lousy service and lousy job
    Fantastic Sams
    United States

    I went into Fantastic Sams in Moorpark last Thursday (week before Thanksgiving)and had my hair cut and colored by Gail. The color wore off in two shampoos. I went back today to show that all my roots are brassy and look awful. Gail said that I wanted my hair red (where did she get that?I have very dark brown hair.) and that's how it colors grey. She said she would charge me the full amount to fix it. I left very unhappy. Lousy service. Lousy job. I want my money back.

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  • Si
      Jan 05, 2012

    I had my haircut Jan. 5 by Denise at the flamingo location. Her service was really horrible she's a total ###. She will treat you like crap and her haircut is uneven. Never asked for her. That freaking old lady is the worse hairstyles I have ever met. I will never go back to that fantastic Sam's outlet ever again.

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  • Th
      Jun 07, 2013

    I am a now former employee of Fantastic Sams salon in Fort Wayne, IN of which is owned by Sarah and Johnny Gatton. I had worked there over a year and was trying to take my vacation according to the handbook. In that it states that if you are full time that you are supposed to get 35 hours of vacation. If you are part time, you are supposed to get your average hours worked during the year. I would think that would mean from your start date to your anniversary. They told me that it was from the year prior to when I took the vacation. I was prevented from taking it when my annual came around. At which time I was entitled to get at least 30 hours. Then I was transferred to their other salon. I kept my second date that I requested and then got less time given to me. About 8 hours. If the vacation is not given until it is feasible for their operation it should still be given for the hours your averaged your anniversary to anniversary. So, apparently they worked the handbook to work in their favor of which it doesn't clearly state. It is so vague you can't prove what it is supposed to mean. Sarah handles all the goings on in the salons and treats her employees like they are idiots. She shorted my paychecks two prior times and expects perfection at all times when it comes to the handbook. Sarah wants to write stylists up if they don't make production per hour but if she can't meet her own qualifications she shouldn't be able to enforce them. Just like the prior stylist complaint, the hair cut prices were slashed to prevent us from making the required quota. Kids cuts were reduced from 10.95 to 4.95. Sarah Gatton has been confronted by other stylist that have been fired and always feels she's right about everything. She can't be right all the time. In one full year of working there 17 people had been gone from one location of which 12 were fired. Does everyone think that Sarah Gatton is so full of herself that she can so easily replace people with better employees when the ones she has are bringing in regular clients? Side note to the uninformed. My wife, a generous person, has been upset by the informed who continually worship money. She only expected what is normal. Sarah, Johnny, and Fantastic Sams are the epitome of the ruse of the elite and government. Shame on SARAH and JOHNNY and this virile company called FANTASTIC SAMS. They take advantage, not because they are ignorant, but because Americans are lazy butts and they love it. We are not crying out, nor seeking any one's sympathy. Have you a soul, end FANTASTIC SAMS CAUSE TODAY. DO NOT PATRONIZE THE PRIVILEDGED, but give fortitude to the trustworthy. JOHNNY AND SARAH GATTON ARE REPROBATES.

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  • Je
      Apr 13, 2014

    This is true.. I was fired for "No Cause" I worked there for 4 yrs. And was employee of the STATE twice. I fought them and won. It took a judge, but I did get my unemployment. My savior, was I was written up two times without knowing it. Unfortunate for them, it was right after I found out I had breast cancer, and the next one was 2 days after my first chemo-treatment. What a crap place to work for.

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  • Je
      Apr 13, 2014

    Also, After 34yrs. of working in the hair business, 20 yrs. owning my own salon. What a way to end my career.

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