Famous Footwearprejudice manager

I went into a Famous Footwear in San Marcos Texas today and felt humiliated. I went to buy my 5 year old daughter a pair of converse or adidas for her birthday party this weekend. So I started browsing around and saw the Adidas was on sale for 29.99, so I said that's a bargain plus I'm a reward member. So I went to check out and the manager Shawn was checking me out and I noticed the price was 59.99 on the register screen. I told him that's not right and took him to the display. He said there no way we made that mistake. I told him well I did not do it . "Don't yall have cameras in the back ? Go see who did it." He was making it seem like I changed the price. Was it because I am black and not dressed up ? He said " I am not giving you those shoes for that price. Very rude!!! I have spent lots of money in Famous footwear. Never again will I step foot in that store.

May 03, 2017

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