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I went to the Famous Footwear today in Billings, Montana. I was helped immediately by a gal. I had a emailed picture from my son, who was there 1/2 hour earlier picking out his school shoes, I showed her the picture and she said they didn't have a 10 1/2, and explained that they were very busy today, I texted my son, who told me to look above the display for additional boxes and sizes. Yep there they were, a size 10 1/2. So I got them. It was buy one get one 1/2 off, so I looked for a pair of shoed for me. Found those immediately, It was off to the counter. I had a reminder for a $10.oo off card that I wanted assistance with, I had bought my younger son's school shoes only 2 weeks ago, but couldn't find the receipt. I walked up to Tawne and explained that I had bought shoes a couple of weeks ago and asked if there was any way for them to ook that information up for me. She looked behind her, at Kay, the Manager, and asked, "can we do that?" Kay looked in the computer and said there was no information available at this time. Then Tawne said, "You can use this info to fill out the $10 off coupon... I said, "Yes, but then I am out another $10.00 off card." It was then that she dropped my shoe boxes on the counter and rolled her eyes at me. ****I looked at my friend, who was with me and asked if I said something offensive, and wondered if she also thought that Tawne had an attitude. My friend agreed. I said to Tawne. Did I say something to offend you, because I am observing a definite attitude from you. (she ignored me). I said to go ahead and just give me the receipt, that I would never shop in this store again.Tawne said, "then you won't be needing these shoes either right?" I said, "No, ring me up and I will never shop here again" Kay, the manager let Tawne provide unacceptable customer service and said in a quiet, non attentive voice, "sorry". Tawne continued to ring me up and was somewhat polite with her voice, but not making eye contact. She did not ask if anyone was assisting me. I then said, "I can see you are busy and you may be tired, but you have to have customer service, and you didn't do that for me. I then walked out. I have 3 boys and grandsons. I will also post on facebook my dissatisfaction with your store and my future support in the Shoe Carnival and serveral other shoe stores.

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  • Ab
      Feb 23, 2010
    Famous Footwear - bad serivce and liars
    Famous Footwear
    United States

    They took forever to send my shoes and kept sending it to the wrong address and blaming FedEx then UPS. It was their fault, they charged for expedited shipping when thet weren't supposed to and said they would send a measly $10 gift card which they never did, then they lie to the BBB because I repoted them. dont use Famous Footwear they are scammers, crooks, and liars.

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  • Ja
      Jul 15, 2010

    This seems a little extreme. I shop there all the time. Your situation seems rare

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  • Be
      Jan 06, 2011
    Famous Footwear - unable to contact internet customer service by phone
    famous footwear
    United States

    placed on line order. cannot get order confirmation or customer service. NO phone number to call for service. automated email response from FF - states they have "high volume" and it will take several days to get an email customewr service response from them.
    terrible - no customer servicde!

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  • Ml
      Oct 05, 2011
    Famous Footwear - Bad company
    Famous Footwear
    United States

    Famous Footwear charged us double. We caught the mistake and they are not giving us our $$$back. We must go to our bank and fill out paperwork in order for them to return our $$$$...This is really bad business!!

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  • An
      May 05, 2012
    Famous Footwear - check refusal
    Famous Footwear
    United States

    Company refused check when customer tried to purchase boots for work on a Saturday causing hardship due to it being a requirement for job to have suitable footwear.

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  • Pa
      Oct 15, 2014

    I will never shop at Famous footwear again. They have horrible customer service! I bought a pair of shoes for work. I wore them one time and decided I needed to take them back because they hurt my feet. Also the right shoe was starting to pull apart at the toe. When I took them back, they said too bad. Because I wore them one time out of my house they would not give me a refund or even store credit. I have bought shoes at other places and they always had a 30 or sometimes a 60 day return policy. I really believe Famous footwear is out to screw their customers! They will never get a chance to do that to me again! Buyer beware... There are too many other places that you can get shoes. To have to put up with that crap. I even called the customer service number on the receipt. They were no help. The girl on the other line was rude I felt. Again, horrible customer service!

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