Family Dollarunethical behavior from sales clerk

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On 11-15-2017, I purchased a small table lamp from Family Dollar #04677 655 Worthington Road, Winterville, NC in order to see small writing because of the cataracts in my eye. I removed all tags from the lamp but I retained my receipt. I realized that the lamp would not suit my needs and needed to return it to the store. On 11-17-2017, I went back to Family Dollar to trade the lamp for some radio batteries. Mr. Peter Williams, the clerk in question had another clerk to look at the receipt and the second clerk said he did not see the lamp. Mr. Williams asked if I had another receipt which I promptly replied, no! He said he couldn't help me and to come back the next day to see the original clerk who could identify me as the person who bought the lamp. Due to an appointment, I could not return the next day but I did return on 11-23-2017 when I bought another lamp at Walmart. I looked at the same receipt and saw the lamp was on it. Mr. Williams did not believe me and suggested that I had either manipulated the receipt or found another one in an effort to scam the store. He was very unreasonable and he wasn't about to admit that he was wrong in his assumptions. He continued to assert that I was up to no good. I had given the lamp to Goodwill because honestly, I couldn't see the print on the receipt the first time I returned to the store. With the aid of the new lamp, I saw the receipt more clearly. On 11-24-2017, I finally saw the original clerk who assisted me when I purchased the lamp. She did confirm that I had indeed purchased the lamp and she remembered bagging the lamp separately that day. She looked at the receipt and said it was valid. Mr. Williams was not at the store and I haven't returned since that time nor do I intend to return to any Family Dollar Store. I was very insulted, embarrassed, and deeply humiliated by Peter Williams. Since He caused this chaos he should reimburse me for the lamp and apologize for his obnoxious behavior at the store. I've never been called a thief in all my 62 years. I have been a regular patron at that Family Dollar and in 1997, I was a sales clerk and I know how to treat customers!

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    I can understand about your opinion on the lamp. At the time I had no other choice but to give it away. I didn't want to sell it. The clerk made me feel as though I had faked the receipt and tried to scam the store. I was at a disadvantage because of my eyes and I live alone. I did not see the clerk who helped me previously until after all the drama and by that time the lamp was gone.


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      Nov 27, 2017

    Although it was certainly poor customer service to directly accuse you of theft, it doesn't seem like he did anything unethical as he was trying to protect the store. I understand some of his hesitation since you removed the tags as well. Things have greatly changed in retail over the past twenty years.

    While I agree with you that you should receive an apology, you should not receive a refund for the lamp since you gave it to Goodwill. If you wanted a refund then you should not have done that.

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