Family Dollar Stores / your employee patricia

Family Dollar store number 06889

I came into the store with my 2 kids. This is the first time I came into this store. One of my kids has a mental condition. When Patricia went to ring my items up, my child with the mental condition when he talks he has a slur to his speech. He was telling me something he wanted. While he was doing that, Patricia called my son stupid. By her doing that, my son started to cry so I just left at the register and walked out. I really do not appreciate this at all. My son cannot help how he is and it does not give people the right to treat him this way. I think she should be fired. God knows who else she does this to and its not right. I also saw Patricia give a customer a clothes rack. I didn't think you were suppose to do that. I will not be shopping in the Family Dollar in Pink Hill, NC ever again.

Nov 19, 2017

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