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L Nov 26, 2017 Review updated:

As soon as store opened I was a regular at the store from day one until they hired an individual who has no respect for anyone whatsoever I am literally shopping and the cashier starts flirting w my husband as I bring it up to another employee whom I spoke to regularly I'm assuming she let mgr know well then I went another day and I had a verbal disagreement w a cashier and minde you she's cursing at me well I'm nt just gonna stand there I told her back while this is going on the manager is sitting at a computer not saying a word as I left I called to request # to home office and the manager tells me I'm nt allowed to go back ok I respect that remember it's that one employee causing the problem, ok so then my young girls go around 940pm to purchase some sweets well this individual tells them they only have 5 minutes last I ckd store closes at 1000 pm and gets an attitude w my girls they come home and tell me well I wanted to see which employee it is And Guess what it's the same one so I made a police report on this individual so as I get home my husband asks what happened I tell him and my brother n law tells me that's exactly what happened with him and his gf, , I don't think it's us with a problem I think this individual has a big problem and is causing family dollar money because like I said I went in at least 2 times a day bt the manager is not there as a manager she's more of a friend to these employees and I think that's very unprofessional I really think this needs to be taken care of for the sake of the company


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      Nov 28, 2017

    This must be some ghetto or trailer park store / customers.

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