Family Dollar Stores / horrible treatment

Bakersfield, CA, United States
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Please see picture attached below.

Absolutely the most humiliating experience.
Truly don't feel safe ever returning to that store location as long as those employees are working.
Store number # 10102
Located on mt. Vernon ave.
Bakersfield, california

I've tried contacting every possible source within the company (Familydollar) to have a manager, district manager, corporate offices, customer service and the local store itself. Including the asst. Managers, manager.
No response. No calls. No email. No messages.
Nothing in reply to this situation that occurred.
*keep in mind I frequent this store. As I said have spent a lot of money shopping there. I am familiar with most of the employee's and management.
Which only one cashier was working who has checked me out before.
I would be the first one to accept the fact if I was in the wrong but most certainly I did nothing at all to deserve the treatment, embarrassment, humiliation, stress, removal of items from my hands and yelled at to leave the store being accused of stealing. While in front of customers.
*thank goodness for security cameras. Hopefully the store/company will do the right thing. Review the footage and any other footage of my previous shopping. Realizing that I have never done any of the things that I have been accused of doing!

Family Dollar Stores
Family Dollar Stores
Family Dollar Stores

Jan 27, 2017

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