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I am a new employee, its time to take my 4hr class that can be done only on a family dollar computer, and has to be completed before my scheduled work day.I go to a different store to do the class, I was then told that it would be best to go back to the store you were hired for to do so because you have to be clocked in to get paid for the 4hrs, and that I could be terminated for wotc(working off the clock).I then went back to my store to take the class and was told that no need to clock in because we don't get paid for the 4hr class by my manager, I then stated to her that we are suppose to get paid for these hrs and she stated that I won't be doing any work so why clock in, she then stated she has never paid her employees for the class and that I could come back when I am scheduled to work and take the classes, after wasting my gas I then said OK and left the store..My question is, is it family dollar policy to get paid for the 4hr class, or was my manager just getting over?

Nov 30, 2018
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  • Ph
      Nov 30, 2018

    I'm pretty sure your manager is lying and trying to rip you off. Taking the class is considered work. I've had online training at several jobs, and it's always been on the clock and paid for.

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