Family Dollar Storesemployee acting very rude to me and making fun of my handicap

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Hello my name is randy once again i was at the store on mclean in elgin il about 1 to 2 months back and once again i went to check out and the woman checking me out had a can of lysol and she was holding her nose and spraying then she came around and showed me to the door and continued to spray lysol then sprayed it where i was at and making fun of me to the customers i was humiliated again i did take a shower at 7:30 that morning so she wasnot making of my hygiene but she was making fun of my handicapped leg since then my wife wanted to get a praying hands clock but i would not let her go in there because if the woman would of made fun of her she would of gone off and a fight would of happened but i can remain calm if your employees cant conduct themselves properly maybe you should consider closing that store

Dec 04, 2018
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  •   Dec 04, 2018

    I have no idea what you are talking about. You have no sentence structure. You have no sentences at all. What does your leg have to do with Lysol spray and you showering at 7:30 this morning?

    Of cool! It's called disability! Handicapped is so 80's and hasn't been PC since like 1995!

    Why would they make fun of your wife? I doubt she's 'handicapped' since she would fight them like she's in the third grade! She has no 'handicap' if she can and will throw down like that.

    Try being a better citizen because your wife, by your own description, sounds trashy and low class. Believe it or not, that does reflect on you.

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