Family Dollar Stores / customer harassment

On July 28th 2018 and previous dates prior as a customer have witnessed employees calling the police on customers. Some whom were assumed shoplifters. Which I agree you should be apprehended if you take without buying products. But to assume one. Or more are making drug transaction in a store. Is a bit over the top. Yrs that is what one of your assistant managers did on July 28th. 2018. First, its a crime to falsely accuse another of something they did not do. Secondly. Shopping while black is not a crime although your employers at 340 es Blvd. Muskogee Ok 74403 do. I spend a Lot of money in your business but after this incident. I will not spend another penny in that establishment and I will let others no what to expect when they shop there. And they can make a conscious decision if they choose to shop in a discriminating business. Judging a customer by their color of their skin or buy the nature of their personal appearance because personally. Your employees look like well. I have no good words but surely nothing to be judging another. I thought you should know what your employees are doing. And begging customers to buy candy for a dollar to boost sales is ratchet. Maybe family dollar need to take some pointers from dollar General employees. At least they don't act like they got panties stuck between their buttocks. Shop family Dollar . I THINK NOT!!!

Jul 29, 2018

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