Family Dollar Store / employee

Yesterday when I went in to Family Dollar located at store number 8868 I was being followed by an employee "Michael" as if I was being watch like I was going to steal, I understand about retail an watching your customers but when I asked if there was a reason he was following me he automatically got an attitude stating he was not following me he was just doing his job. At the register when I was paying for my items he snatched the money out of my hand so when I asked if there was a reason he snatched the money, he states he didn't snatch it with more of an attitude an kept getting angrier, he was also wearing a undershirt wrapped around his head.

  • Updated by [email protected], Jul 27, 2018

    I spoke with Victoria Henderson "who was her on vacation" she called me back an stated she spoke to the store manager regarding the employee an said he will be talked to the next day he works, also that he was a new employee who was trying to get to know the store but I still feel as if his attitude needs an adjustment as well as how he treats customers. Snatching money is not the way to keep your customers happy.

Jul 27, 2018

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