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These companies must have shared my debit card info when my husband ordered his mother flowers online from I was being charged $14.95 for a monthly membership without either my or my husband's knowledge. However, I did get the number for EZSVERS and called. I was able, fairly quickly and without a fight, to get the two months of charges refunded and the "membership" canceled. I have had this type of thing happen before and I hate scams like this. THey are usually pretty easily reversed, but it is a complete waste of my time!

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  • Pe
      Jul 30, 2009

    Hey, same happened to me when I ordered flowers online for my wife. You emntioned you got the phone number of EZSVER RW, could you help me out with it, as I do not know how to find it (I´m acctually German, and my wife´s parents live in U.S.) Thanks for your help!!

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  • Fr
      Aug 28, 2009

    I've just noticed 2 fraudulent transactions
    1: EZSVER RWID056005240 [protected] $14.95 US
    And 2: EZSVER RW ID056005240 [protected] $1.95 US
    during the respective date: 24/08/09 and 27/07/09 after ordering flowers for my wife birthday at that I just notify proflowers the case in writing for a complete reimbursement that i'm following up now. For any more info that any one gets to share for destroying that fraudulent behavior, please don't hesitate to post it !
    Thank you,

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  • Jo
      Oct 15, 2009

    There is a charge hitting my checking account from EZsVEr RW in the amount of $14.95 for the last five months. I have no idea what this charge is for and I want a reimbursement immediately.

    The last charge Ref # is ID055296864

    My name is Jo Ann Yonan and the last 4 digits of my charge card is 0218.
    My phone number is [protected].

    Please confirm that you have received my letter and I will expect a full reimbursement immediatly.

    I do not even know what this charge is for.

    Jo Ann Yonan

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  • Ep
      Jun 03, 2010

    I just started noticing a repetitive billing of $14.95 each month since January and the name on my statement was EZSVER RW. I had no clue what it was and typed it in on the net and saw all the complaints from all of those who were hit with these same type of billings. I called the [protected] number and didn't press any entry numbers and so got put through a rep. Took 20 seconds. I told him the issue of the billings and that this was not authorized and he apologized and canceled the "membership" and refunded all 5 months of billings on the spot. Was told 7-10 business days before I would see it on my statement. He was helpful in sorting out this matter so we'll see in 7-10 days if everything has been returned. I also just went through this with some "Magazine subscription" that just started billing out of no where. How easily they can just rip you off is incredible. Imagine how many people are out there that don't realize they are being charged randomly for "subscriptions or memberships".

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  • La
      Feb 22, 2011

    I had three separate charges from this company on my credit card. When I noticed the third and called my credit card company they put me through to these scam artists. The guy said I supposedly signed up for this program with discounts and coupons which I have never even received. After I said I never signed up for this nor have I ever received any benefits from this so-called membership he offered to refund me the $14.95 charge from my latest statement. I insisted that I wanted the entire $44.85 refunded since I had never signed up for this program nor have I ever received any benefits. He willingly refunded the money. This is such a scam and I don't understand how this happens, and to so many people! I'm really glad that sites like this exist so you can search a questionable charge on your credit card and find out that it's a scam. Thank you to all of you who have written about your experiences. Hopefully we can put these liars and cheaters out of business.

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