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I unfortunately feel it has come high time I report the store manager and lab manager at store 88 the way the lab tech treats his employees is not okay. He bullies the other lab techs. Although he does great work, this is unacceptable. He yells at the employees and has neglected to fully train one employee. The general manager let's it slide. She does nothing but say she'll handle it and never does. She constantly tells her employees she wants a no drama zone but will pull people in her office or out to complain about other employees. She is also bringing home issues and private problems into the world place and does discuss them loudly with her office door open when there are customers in the store. Union hiring three new employees she told them that the other girls are rude and that it is like "mean girls" working there. She often jokingly gets in her employees faces in front of customers are there or at poorly chose times to be joking around. She spends most of her days on her phone dealing with things going on at home. She left a few weeks ago without giving out paychecks before she was to be gone for three days. She doesn't do a last minute check to make sure the sales associates or lab techs don't need her help. She often doesn't have schedules ready on time. And when it comes to how the head lab tech treats the other employees she let's it slide 90% of the time. It does not seem as though she is fit to be a manager and that she doesn't want to do her job. Many other of the 88 employees have voiced these concerns to each other and have said things to her about some of these things. I think It is high time home office takes a look at her and the head lab tech

May 16, 2017
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