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Exxon / rudeness

1 28th and HazelPine Bluff, AR, United States

On the day on January 17th, 2010 in the late afternoon to evening, my fiancé and I were driving when we got a flat tire. After visiting every air pump in the area available and reading "out of order" on each we, an Aarp man recommended we go to Exxon since it was the only place open. When we arrived, it was started to mist outsideand the garage doors were open and vacant so we slowly pulled inside. As we were coming to a stop, a large, young white guy opened cmw charging into the garage yelling "Hey!!!" Startled, my fiancé and I thought maybe we are supposed to wait outside so we reversed the car and waited. The young guy was back inside by this point and a. Even larger white man stood outside. He yelled that we were blocking his gas pumpand needed to move from where he stood. He looked around up and there were four pumps open for easy access and one one customer pumping gas and staring. I decided to ignore that as I stepped out of the car to explain while we were he in a calm manner. After asking for his help, he told me that "we don't fix tires in the rain" and that we would have to come back another day in the rudiest way possible. I thought the garage was open for that reason. I paused before saying "We won't" and walked back to the car. The man said a smart remark in return. Inside I could see that there was a third person, a white woman who looked embarrassed. I pulled up to the window and wrote down what happened, date, time, and address. Years ago I used to go there all the time when different people worked there. I don't know what happened over the years and I had never experienced anything like that before. Seemed liked racism to me.

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