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Zachary, LA, United States

Product: Mark Ten Wintermint
Purchase Date: 08/30/18
Issue Topic: Expired Product

I purchased this product on 8/30/18, I left the store and when I noticed It was expired i called the store. No answer, I was unable to get back to the store so I waited til the next day and went back to get a replacement! When I brought my issue to the cashier she quickly dismissed me and stated that once tobacco was out to store there was nothing that she could do. I could not except that and asked if she could call a manager or someone that could help me but she refused! She told me that someone would be coming in on the next shift that could possibly help me if I waited so I decided to wait the lady that came in was new and had no idea to handle my situation. I left the product & the slip of paper with my name & number so that the manager could give me a call. She has yet to call me & I have call the store several time and there is no answer. I am very upset and would have been glad to get a replacement but all of the product on the shelf was expired!! I would like a refund now, this is unacceptable!

Exxon Mobil Corporation
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Sep 03, 2018

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