Express Scripts / horrible service - no prescription after 1 month and double charing me!!

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I had dealt with this company, on a billing basis for the past year. Upon calling in early June 2011 to refill a prescription I informed Express Scripts I had no insurance coverage, but would like to fill my prescription. I was told that would be fine. 10 days later BY MAIL I was told they could not fill the prescription without an up front payment (I had done billing with them for the year prior). This was time sensitive medication so I called back immediately to pay $290 and asked they please send right away since I would be out of this medication in a week. I was assured by a Supervisor that it would be send expedited mail & it would arrive in 2 days. The following day, I checked my bank account to find that Express Scripts had billed me twice, my checking was now account overdrawn. I called Express Scripts to ask why I was double billed, they said that the initial billing was a "hold" to ensure I had enough money in my account to cover the costs of the prescription, the second was the actual billing of the product! During the conversation I also found out that the order was sent regular mail, not 2 day as promised! I called my bank with Express Scripts on the line to have this "hold" of $290 removed. 10 days after that conversation, still no prescription. I called again to find the status of the order. They told me it shipped on June 21, but could provide me with any further information since they don't track their orders! A nearly $300 item was not tracked? I was to continue to wait for my medications & hopefully it would arrive. Now missing my daily medication for the first time in NINE YEARS I called and asked for a supervisor to plead for them to send out a refill right away. Each supervisor was either very rude or overly nice, none could resolve the problem. The only answer was to wait. Note, those who were overly nice were doing so to get me off their backs. They promised they would contact their highest managers and try to get me discounts or a quick refill. Those supervisors never called despite their promises or me leaving voicemails asking to please follow up with me. As of early July I gave up and just waited for my prescription to arrive. At this point I am suffering side effects of the lack of medications including mood swings, insomnia, acne and hair loss. Today, July 17th, nearly one month after the prescription was allegedly mailed, I called to see if we could please NOW finally send out a new prescription. I was told yes they could, but they would need to recharge me the $290 again! I told them that was absurd and on top of that, I dont even have the money to pay for the medications. I spoke to an especially nasty supervisor today who kept screaming "Ma'am I cant hear you, speak up" I got so frustrated at the end of the call, I said what if this was you on the other side of the spectrum, you would be angry too. She replied "I would take my ### to the emergency room to get my medications". Disgusting attitude. After speaking to her supervisor who was more polite, he asked that I call back in 4 days, making it a FULL month that that the medications had been shipped and not received and at that point only would they resend the medications at no costs. So while at work, I will need to take the time to call this supervisor with the hopes that he picks up the phone, or returns my call to finally get this item resent. In total I have spent nearly 500 minutes on the phone with this company. I have had to pay extra minutes on my cell phone plan. I had to pay a $15 overdrawn fee to my bank for their double charge. This company could care less about their customers and only think about money. Although they have screwed up since day one, they refuse to make good on their multiple mistakes. All they say is "I'm sorry" or "I apologize" with no feeling or an extreme attitude. This company should be closed down. I intended to call the Better Business Bureau once I hopefully receive my medications. BEWARE!

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