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Expediant Van Lines / Moving Company / worst moving company!

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I am writing this letter to tell about my experience with Expediant Van Lines during my move from MA to PA.

I would not want anyone to go through the experiences I have gone through, during a process already difficult per se, i.e., moving. I think it is a total rip-off because not only they quote a different price and you end up paying (37%) more than the quoted price, but most importantly they impose so much economic and emotional costs on you that you get a horrible and traumatic experience in return for your payment.

First of all, company does a very poor job of informing you what to expect in terms of costs, not only their documentation is written very poorly to deceive the eye so that you would not see the small fonts, but they never tell you in person on the phone, even though you ask them. Second, and may be most important, they do not send the confirmation e-mail which includes such information, till the last minute, i.e., one day before the move, which is too late to cancel the service, and say, “oh there was something wrong with their e-mail”.

Third, the movers were never on time. And different people in the company tell different and inconsistent stories in regards to why.

Fourth, wait it only gets worse!! They charge extra: the company tried to charge me for the extra pick-up, which I had already settled with the company earlier.

Fifth, one of the staff members got $200 from me to carry my stuff to and from the stairs (apparently they charge extra) and for the long haul way from the door to the truck, and said he would also do the stairs on the other end, in PA. Once my stuff came, he denied that I paid him for stairs, and did not want to do it. He said “ I do not remember you paying me anything” I had to remind him that I wrote him a check, and can ask for a copy from my bank to prove it if need be, then he unwillingly did it.

May be most importantly, the attitude of the moving team was unacceptably unprofessional, and almost to a degree of sexual harassment, such as asking if I am single, what is my phone number, and etc. Despite my warnings to the staff, that I do not feel comfortable with such comments, they had continued to keep at it, and even respond in a way that made it worse, such as “why not, you will never see us again you can feel comfortable”. Some of the staff members even offered to give me a discount if I had smiled in return, and won’t be charging me extra. This is unacceptable behavior, and I am sure you can understand that on the day of the move, it is very hard for someone to fire the company (but I wish I had) so I did my best to deal with them, which is basically keeping mostly silent, and praying they would do their job and leave. This was one of my most frustrating experiences in this country. But unfortunately these are not the only things that caused my frustration with the staff and company, these were only the harbinger of worse news in the days to come.

Unfortunately, last but not least, when they deliver your stuff, you are lucky if you get it on time, and actually all of it. When the truck arrived to my new destination in PA most everything in the truck was a mess; they had changed trucks and unloaded my stuff and loaded back again into another truck.

I have had many missing, and broken items, among them my bed, sofa, a nice leather office chair, kitchen items, lamps. Some of the furniture is so neatly broken that it made me think they might have done it on purpose so that it would fit the truck better. Also, they had disassembled my furniture but lost the screws.

In my complaint and claim process, they NEVER return my calls; whenever I call them, I can never get through a person of responsibility, and they never call/ contact when they say they would.

As you can imagine, moving is already a stressful process per se, and no one, but no one needs these extra frustrations. NEVER EVER HIRE EXPEDIANT VANLINES, NEVER!

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      31st of Aug, 2007
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    Of course you work with "very professional people", who first of all, try to do things under the table, and charged me an extra of $200 for stairs, and denied that later in PA such a payment was made. If you know your worker with the name Alfred Taylor, ask him, I can provide you the copy of the check that I wrote to him! And what is more, this company is already in the blacklist for movers for everyone's information, please check to see that similar complaints were made before, I wish I had checked that web-site before:

    People, stay away from this company, I am yet to hear anything about my "insurance" for the items they have broken and lost during the move!!! Stay away from Expediant Van Lines!

  • An
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    Expediant Van Lines is AWFUL - STAY FAR AWAY!!

    These people are jerks. Basically they tell you everything you want to hear over the phone, then when they show up it's a completely different story.

    First of all, Anthony Joseph is a sales rep, but told me he was the owner of the company to assure me that I should book with them. HE also told me they do not hire sub-contractors, although a contractor delivered my items, that my items would NEVER switch hands, and that the same person picking my items up would be the one delivering them. None of the above was true. The problem is that these were only phone calls and I do not have any of it in writing, however, I do have a witness since I spoke with him on speaker phone.

    The day the movers arrive the estimate that Anthony provided jumped from $1100 to an OUTRAGEOUS $2100!!! The movers even tried to charge me for wrapping my furniture, which says a free service on the website. When I told him I didn't want his service for $2100 the price dropped to $1750. I still wasn't comfortable, but at that point, I needed my things to arrive and it was too late to book someone else. Then they have the nerve to tell you they need another $120 in gratuity to ensure the "safe handling of your items." They basically bully you into giving them more cash and make you feel as though if you don't they will intentionally damage your items. I also had a similar experience in the girl above in that Albert Taylor was asking me what size I wore and told me he bought some nice things at Frederick's of Hollywood that were my size and would look good. I am waiting for my things to arrive before contacting an attorney about what I can do about being sexually harassed by an employee of this company.

    The timing explained above is also correct. Anthony guaranteed my items would be delivered the following Thursday after they were picked up. They are over one week late and I need to take an unpaid day off from my new job and had to go buy all new clothes to wear to work since my things weren't there. I also arranged for friends to be here to help me unpack. Now they have wasted a trip.

    I am sure that if we all get together we can do something about this company. The only thing they excel at is not putting things in writing so that it makes it hard to take action against them. If customers could all get together then I am sure we could find resolution. I am currently working on information such as what percentage more over the estimate a company can actually charge, since mine was 50% higher than the estimate, as well as what I can do about their website claiming to have been in business over 10 years, when they recently formed this company less than one year ago, after being black listed under their other name and having to change, as well as what I can do about being sexually harassed by their employees. If anyone would like to join me please contact me. In the meantime STAY FAR AWAY FROM EXPEDIENT VAN LINES.

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      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Contact: Kristin Schrader, Tel.: (202) 366-9999 or
    (202) 366-2309

    Consumers can help identify noncompliant household goods movers by calling FMCSA's nationwide complaint hotline,
    1-888-368-7238 (1-888 DOT-SAFT) or by visiting Prior to selecting a household goods carrier, consumers should also visit FMCSA’s for information on planning a successful move and to search movers and their complaint history.

    For a list of companies cited during the strike force, see

    The strike force targeted states that received the most complaints in the National Household Goods Consumer Complaint database (

    Household Goods Complaint Disclaimer:

    Fines for violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are set by Federal statute. Examples of the violations discovered include: holding shippers' household goods hostage, operating without proper legal authority, failing to follow tariff requirements, failing to provide shipper information, and failing to keep proper records:

    I had to deal with this very issue during May 2008. We paid in full for a move, the 'brokered' mover showed up in a Penske truck. Friends stayed in our home during this ordeal.

    The driver showed up with a man who claimed to be a hitch hiker, and was intoxicated.

    When the driver arrived at our new home, he had another worker with him, who told us he was from Mexico and was given $150.00 to help the driver unload the Penske truck.

    Needless to day, our items did not arrive in the *an*lines truck that we were told was going to be picking up and delivering our household items.

    File a complaint, when the fines hit these brokers and moving companies in their pockets, maybe, just maybe they'll get the picture.

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