Expediaunited airline ticket - name typo fix

L Nov 24, 2017

I called United on October 23, 2017 to fix typo on ticketed name. This was within minutes of me booking through Expedia. United told me they could not make a change as the ticketing was still pending. They would note my reservation and to call back. I called United on the morning of October 24th. United told me they were unable to make change because I booked though Expedia and would need to make change through them. I hung up and called Expedia. I was on hold for TWO PLUS HOURS. I was transferred from Supervisor to Supervisor (at least that is what I was being told). At one point I was told they would need to cancel and rebook the reservation. I panicked as this was last two seats out of San Juan when I booked and said, NO, please do not cancel. I was simply trying to change typo's on name. Unfortunately, I was off a key on typing position when I typed in middle name.

Two hours into call, a coworker, suggested I call United back and explain my Expedia debacle. I did. United fixed Reservation within 3 minutes. I hung the phone up with Expedia ***who still HAD ME ON HOLD***.

BEWARE! Book directly with Airlines. Unfortunately, I could tell this was a foreign call center and the simplicity of the problem was lost on the agents trying to work it. I asked to be transferred to a domestic call center (USA) and was told it was not possible. Lesson learned; $50 saving was not worth the time and frustration.

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