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Expedia / krystal resort

1 Cabo San Jose, Mexico

I will be forwarding the email I sent to the general manager

This is Gregory & Tiffany Gallagher, who have been in Room 4126 since December 23, 2017 and will be her until tomorrow January 3, 2018.

We wanted to formalize our list of grievances after our meeting today. We met with you at 12:15 in your private office (the appointment YOU set was for 12:00 and you were 15 minutes late to your own meeting) and as we started to share our concerns, it seemed to me that your were merely listening and not really hearing us. It was pretty clear that you wanted us to say what we had to say and you were going to pacify us by saying ok and thanks. Let me be perfectly clear: If you do not follow through with what you promised and contact us by noon tomorrow, we will meet with when we get home. My office in Bellevue, WA, USA is only 5 minutes from their headquarters.

Here is the list of complaints that we had:

1. Crib - We asked for a crib numerous times and never received one until January 1st at 7pm. This is a safety issue. Since our baby was forced to sleep with us, he was in danger of falling off the bed if he awoke during the night and we did not. This might be okay in our home where we have carpet but not with tile floors where our 11 month old is in danger of cracking his head open. This is unacceptable. We were given many excuses throughout our stay and there is no excuse as the safety of your guests should be your top priority.

2. Security of Hotel - Your hotel is completely unsecure. There are no doors or gates to stop predators and thieves from walking onto the complex. There are no guards that stop and ask anyone if they belong on the property. The fact that the front lobby is less than 100 yards from the highway makes it even easier for a criminal to take advantage of your guests.

3. Deposit at Check-In - When we 1st arrived at the hotel, check-in was very noisy as it is 40 feet from the bar and 10 feet from the timeshare sales persons. I was never asked to make a deposit which is a normal occurrence at most hotels, if only for incidentals. Our 2nd night here, we went to the grill and I order the lobster tail extra in addition to our meal. I told them to put it on our room, like you would do at any hotel. Once we received our dinner, the baby became very fussy so we ate in a hurry so as not to upset the other guests. After dinner, my wife, baby and I were half way back to the room when the manager jumped us. He insisted we needed to pay for the lobster instantly since we had not put down a deposit. I told him we would take care of it immediately as we were here for another 9 days. He insisted on following me to my room with my wife and fussy baby and then followed me to the front desk to watch me make my deposit. I have never felt so insulted in my life. Not only that but he did it in front of a bunch of other guests and I was thoroughly embarrassed.

4. Service at the restaurants - I am not going to go through every instance of bad service at the almost every situation, you are seated and then wait anywhere from 5-20 minutes for a server to come talk to you to even order water. Secondly, it might take another 5-30 minutes before you actually get some. If you go to the buffet, it is the worst as it seems that no server/waiter even has a section. We have been through whole meals without having anyone check on us, had to get our own salt/pepper shakers, get our own silverware, find our own napkins, etc. All of your restaurants are seriously understaffed and there doesn't seem to be any training. We were disappointed by the service at every meal with few exceptions.

5. Reservations for Risotto/Hacienda - Supposedly these restaurants do not take reservations according to the flyer you hand out when guests arrive. Not true. We discovered how it works after trying to get into these restaurants on 2 different night and ending up at the buffet because we could not get in. Another guest had to tell me how to get into these restaurants that are open on opposing nights. You have to show up at 5:30pm to wait in line until the doors open at 6. Then you can tell the maitre'd what time you want to come once you get to the front of the line and make the reservation then. That is ridiculous. Needless to say, each time we ate at these restaurants, I had to leave my spouse and baby for an hour to an hour and a half just to get a reservation.

Reservations for spa

6. Room Service - Experience #1 - I ordered room service at 12:30 one night. I called the front desk and they said that they would take my order as they could not get room service on the phone. They told me it would be 30 minutes until food was delivered. At 1:30, I finally had to go to the front desk as no food had arrived. At that point, I discovered that the front desk had never given my order to room service. He took my order again and my food finally arrived at 2AM.

7. Room Service - Experience #2 - I called the front desk to order room service at 10:00PM on a different night. My baby needed to be in the room as it was his bedtime and he was crying a lot. The front desk asked for my room number and said someone would call me right back to ask for my order as room service was busy. Finally at 10:20PM, I called them back and I was told, "Oh I'm sorry! Room Service is really busy. It will be an hour to 2 hours so just go to one of the restaurants." I told him, "I don't care I will wait." He then said, "I cant take your order just go to a restaurant and hung up." I have never been told that in my life and I have traveled to 15 countries, 42 states and spent 2 years of my life in hotels. To top it off, none of your restaurants are open past 10:30 so even if I wanted to go to a restaurant it was pointless. Needless to say, I went to bed hungry without dinner.

8. High Chairs - There are few high chairs in restaurants and learned to just bring our stroller everywhere. This is advertised to be a family resort but you gave no accommodations for families with small childrens. This made it very difficult to enjoy a dinner, accompanied by your lack of waiter staff, it took an overly frustrating amount of time to get thru dinners.

9. Orientation - The orientation to your resort is merely a front to selling the time share. We were given a horrible map of the property which was about 1/3 of a 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch piece of paper.

10. Phone System - This is a less overwhelming issue but never the less a frustrating one, your phones in the room are not programmed, when a hotel has a front desk button and a room service button on the phone typically that directs you to that dept, instead I had to take my crying baby to the front desk to be told, "just dial zero" then you get transferred around and 50% of the time the call gets dropped. Again this is not very hospitable.

11. Remote & Television - We had no remote in our room, then when we got one it shows that we would have access to Netflix and the TV would connect to the internet, none of that worked at any point. You also claim to have about 25 channels of TV and with a baby, we spent lots of time in our room, especially at night. You only have about 9 channels and only 1 is in English. I understand we are in Mexico but we can't get closed captioning for any of the Hispanic channels other words, 12 days of Warner Bros TV.

12. Time Share/Residence Selling - While Greg checked in, Tiffany and the baby were pulled away from the check in for the "orientation" You start hard selling us literally 5 minutes into the lobby. When I have a small baby with a dirty diaper and was traveling for 9 hours, Your hotel sends us to the person masking to be the person who will go over all the property highlights, then starting the Sales pitch by saying, "You paid too much, if you book with us next time and by this package it would be so much better for you and your family, (which meant by time at the resort and by packages for wine here at the resort). As a couple, we don't make large financial decisions without consulting each other. When I say no that we are not interested they not only let us walk away... then 5 minutes later they are chasing us down with a 2nd guy to hard sell us. The sales pitch that I got a bad deal on my room rate is not a good way to start the experience.

13. Drains - When I went to take a shower the 1st morning, the shower drain was clogged and it ended up flooding the Bathroom and hallway. It took a number of hours before maintenance came and fixed the problem. Also, the toilets clogged several times and each time there was an extended period before maintenance came to fix it.

14. Mini Bar - Mini bar was refreshed at most every 2 days, never seen that service at all inclusive. Half the time they did not leave us new waters and we had to go somewhere else to get them.

15. Currency Exchange - Your hotel policy states that we can get $100 in change per day. The rate is not posted anywhere. The front desk told me the rate is 16 pesos per dollar when I know it was 18.40 pesos per dollar. I needed to be able to tip your staff so I obliged. 2 days later, I went to the front desk and was told she had no change. I asked when she would have some and she said come back in 4 or 5 hours. Later that day, I took a walk to the residence side of the property. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that you have a currency exchange office on your property. Observation, your staff should know how to help guests or find a way to say them and not just say No! I can't help you.

16. Front Desk - Ricardo and Irenka at the front desk went out of their way to not help us, she literally never offered any solution to any issue, and when we asked for a manager she would always say there isn't one here. What kind of HOTEL doesnt have a manager on duty at all times... Once we discovered who you were by talking to other disgruntled guests, the front desk always acted like they did not know who you were Michel. Your staff has been trained to say no instead of"let me find out for you." Horrible way to treat guests

17. Business Office - We own a company in the United States. Your website states that you have one. I had to work from my room with no access to printer. Very frustrating when you run a company and have employees.

18. Conflict Resolution - It seems no one wants to ever solve your problems. I think they have been trained to let issues fester until your guests give up.

Michel - In conclusion, I expect compensation for the horrible experience we had. It is now 10:30 am and we have not heard from you. I expect you to contact us by noon as you promised. There are some changes you could make to improve guest experience; i.e. training, adding staff, etc. I believe you thought you could pacify us by sending us strawberries and champagne and a simple note. I returned them as that is not what I fact, my wife and I do not drink champagne. We expect you to keep your promise. We do not want to go to Expedia or to your boss but we will if we are not taken care of. All in all, after 11 other all-inclusive experiences, this is by far the worst all-inclusive experience we have ever had. I have had better service from Motel 6.

Jan 4, 2018

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