Expediahotel reservation

F Nov 27, 2017

I thought I was reserving with the Mayflower Park Hotel on their website. Expedia recreated their logo!!! I made the reservation, non-refundable, and was quoted $134.31 + $22.72 tax for a total of $157.03.

I was gone for two weeks, did not check my email - got home and found that they had not only already charged my credit card, but opened an email from [protected] - which is part of Expedia. They overcharged me with nearly $30. Today Nov 27, 2017 I spent hours on the phone. I called the Mayflower Park Hotel, they could give me a reservation 12/2/17 for the amount, above... $157. They had the Phoney one from Expedia already on file. They encouraged me to cancel it! I tried so hard, but a Calvin just sat and read policies to me, the hotel rate did not go up, they made an extra $30 on our reservation.

I have run out of energy, I can't even dispute my credit card I am so tired. They have the audacity - to commit fraud by using the Mayflower Park Hotel web page, to fool people, then add $30 on the bill, you be, charge your card right away. Expedia should be shut down!

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