Expedia / flight reschedule, employees are rude

Plymouth, MA, United States

date :09/20/2017
employee deal with: 1st charlie
2nd Jackie[manager]
3rd Steve(highest level manager) according to him

all i needed to do is change my reservation and have to use my airline credit,
it took them 4 hours to figure out what to do.
and after waiting for so long Mr.Steve is showing all his attitude that he can by ignoring and keeping on pause and when i ask are you listening and i got reply that i was waiting for you to finish.
i deal with expedia a lot...i book with them a lot...i was ready to pay 300 dollars penalty for changing my flights, but the way i felt and deal with some oversmart employees who thinks that they are above everyone is just ridiculous.
I personally use expedia for my buisness, but i make sure my clients are happy when they leave my property so that its benefit to both...
what i feel today with expedia is just ridiculous, they have became so big company that they do not care about their clients, some one need to teach them manners...

Sep 20, 2017

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