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Expedia / cancelled my reservation without my consent

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I will never, ever use expedia again.

In march of this year, I reserved a hotel room at a sleep inn through expedia about 12 miles outside denver for the last week of august, '08 — the time of the democratic natl. Convention. At that time, there were hardly any rooms available for that time period.

On june 20, expedia sent me an email confirming that my reservation had been cancelled. I was, understandably, horrified and angry. I called expedia, who said that someone — they don't know who — had used my name and email address to cancel the reservation. Expedia, I was told, does not ask for the last four digits of the credit card used to buy the room. Name and email address is all that's needed to cancel a reservation. (Expedia did refund my money.)

The customer service agent I spoke to that night looked but found no other rooms available in all of denver for that time period. I was pissed.

I mailed letters to several expedia corporate honchos, including chairman barry diller, with ccs to the attorney general's office of washington state, where expedia is headquartered, and to choice hotels president. Within two days, I got a response from the assistant to choice hotel's president, who offered a room 30-35 miles from denver, the closest in they could find one. But I by then had found another room 25 miles from denver. But at least they tried and responded quickly.

The washington ag's office also sent me a response saying they were following up with expedia. But expedia took more than a week to respond, with a voicemail. When I called them back, I talked to someone who had no idea what my case was about and simply read the notes of the person who had left me the voicemail earlier. And, she said essentially, there was nothing expedia could or would do to ameliorate the situation.

So I say again: I will never ever use expedia again. And I suggest you don't either.

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  • Mo
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    Expedia sucks! I work at a Sleep Inn, and they are constantly ripping customers off. If you just walk into the hotel or call ahead to the hotel, 9 times out of 10, you will get a MUCH cheaper rate.

  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    I have done some investigation here about Tripadvisor. I have worked with hotels for many years and this is what I can say for sure.
    Hotel owners, mostly independent hotels, have lost control of their industry. Third parties have taken over while having little or no investment. These third parties, i.e. Tripadvisor,, Expedia and Hotwire, all of which are owned by Barry Diller have turned the independent owner into a pawn by having the ability to manipulate the reviews in such a way that they can actually redirect customers without them even knowing it.
    How so? O.K. Go to Tripadvisor pick a city and see what you find. A list of hotels in a rating system from one to whatever number. If we believe the reviews some might have 15 reviews and are rated # 1, 2 or 3 (often these hotels have only recently signed up with these third parties). Then one will have 100 reviews and be rated somewhere in the so so area. Yet the 100 reviews have 75 very good ratings. The highest rated one could very well be an old hotel under new management and it might have been a dump in its previous listing life. The new hotel owner swiftly loads his fake reviews by having his family and associates post fake 5 star reviews. Tripadvisor can not stop these fakes if they are loaded in by different computers with different IP addresses. Think Kinko’s, UPS stores, etc. or even office depot while appearing to be looking to purchasing a new laptop.
    This also applies to the other side of the picture. Someone loads bad reviews of their competitor. Or a crazy customer that did not get a discount and just creates new email accounts and looks like 30 different people. This all happens on tripadvisor every day. Because they do not require proof of you even having stayed at the hotel.
    Now lets look at how Tripadvisor makes money. They make a % of every unit booked on, Expedia, Hotwire or an affiliate. No you say tripadvisor does not get a commission. Well kind of? They get a pay per click fee from most of their links. So the more they keep you going in circles the better. More clicks.
    However Expedia, Hotwire and are owned by the same person that owns Tripadvisor. 25-35% of the hotel rate is what they get. Some hotels have contracts that are better for Expedia, etc. so you are now very cleverly directed to these hotels. How? By manipulating the reviews that is how. They remove negative reviews or hold back positive ones. Do they write them? No they just maneuver them. Which is the same thing in my book.
    Also most of the time there is no discount at all. You just think you got one. Just check the room rate or call the hotel before booking and you will see that.
    Now in the beginning these third parties were great for independent hotels because it got them in with the big boys on the web. Where can a small independent advertize. They could not take ads in every city in the world. So that was good in the start. However when Barry Diller saw the manipulation that was possible he began to purchase these companies and here we sit today all arguing with one another while he rakes in the cash.
    The last thing that no one gets is this. Third parties have raised the price of rooms over the years. Hoteliers have adjusted prices to include their third parties commissions. Just a fact of doing business. As usual the angels become the devil and that what third party bookers have become.
    Always call the hotel before booking. Because third party bookings get the worst rooms in a hotel because your booking is classified as a bargain hunter. If you book direct you get treated better and you have a direct relationship with the hotel not some third party that holds the hotel, less commission, funds for up to 30 days or more. Many times if there is a problem the hotel will tell Expedia to refund a guest payment. In that event what sometimes happens is the guest is told that the hotel would not refund the money. Then the hotel does not get the funds and Expedia keeps it all. No you say! They would not do that! Well let me show you how far they will go. Lets say you book a $100.00 + tax and the Hotel is paid $70.00 + tax. Where do you think the tax on $30.00 goes. Nowhere Expedia keeps it. Now if a company will cheat every city in the world out of sales taxes what do you think they will do to you. “BARRY DILLER” you are a piece of work!

    One more thing that no one really gets. When you book with third party bookers like, etc. You pay at time of booking the total bill of your stay. When you book directly with the hotel. You pay on checkout. Not so bad if you are booking a day or two in advance. If you book months in advance to get a certain hotel, that is a hell of a float time for them. does not pay the hotel for up to 45 days after you checkout.. So not only does the hotel pay a hefty fee as well as delayed payment. Remenber is owned by Tripadvisor. So Tripadvisor the company that could be killing your business is also making big bucks off you. What a SCAM!!!

  • Ma
      26th of Sep, 2011
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    Well here we are at the end of 2011 and "Barry Diller" continues with his scamming with his new His new web scam. Book with this site and you will pay at least 200% more than the hotel will charge you than if you booked directly with the hotel. This S.O.B. needs to go to jail.

  • Co
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Expedia - Cancelled my reservation without warning even though I had paid in full
    United States

    I made a hotel reservation through Expedia and paid in full. The day before I was to check in I called the hotel to confirm only to discover that Expedia had cancelled my reservation for no reason, I contacted Expedia, they had no explanation, had me on the phone for over an hour, mostly on hold before they hung up on me. Then they had the nerve to send me a questionnaire to rate the hotel, I will never, ever use them again, they did nothing to resolve this issue, they did refund my money but 700 miles from home I had to scramble to find another place to stay.

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