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I called on Friday, September 15 to reserve 2 rooms in a block of rooms reserved for the Indiana Library Federation conference for November 13 & 14. I was told there were no more rooms in the reserved block at the discounted price, but that there were other rooms in the hotel (Indianapolis Marriott East) that we could reserve at a much higher price. Thinking it was my only option, I did so. I was offered insurance in case we needed to cancel, and I accepted that option at $67.
After talking to a member of the Indiana State Library, who was very surprised to hear that the block rooms had all been taken so quickly, I called the hotel itself, and found that there were indeed still many rooms left.
I called Expedia to cancel the reservation. I was given the Case # listed above and was told that the refund would show up on our credit card bill. They also said I would be contacted within a couple of hours. I never received a call. I called back three times. Each time I was told I would receive a phone call in the next two hours. I never did.
Finally, I called the hotel and found that they had no record of the original reservation. So, satisfied that the reservation had indeed been cancelled, I kept the Case number I had been given as proof that I did indeed cancel. However, the charge did show up on our bill. We disputed the claim. Expedia has disputed our dispute! My bookkeeper has called to discuss this. The Expedia person would neither confirm nor deny that we had a valid case number. They also claimed that the insurance we purchased was a "waiver" of our right to cancel! Why in the world would anyone purchase a waiver to NOT be able to cancel if needed?
Simply put: I was lied to when I was told there were no more block rooms at the discounted price. I purchased insurance to be able to cancel the reservation, the proof of which is on the bill itself. I cancelled one business day later, and nearly 2 months before the date the room was reserved. I received a case number at the time I called to cancel. Within a few hours of the time I called to cancel, on the same day that I cancelled, the hotel had no record of the reservation, so I know that Expedia actually did cancel the reservation, but they did not cancel our bill.
I'm asking that Expedia please let Visa know that we do not owe this bill.

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    The last time my bookkeeper called Expedia to discuss this, she was told "we have nothing further to discuss".
    If they will not discuss this with us, I will discuss it, will continue to discuss it, will discuss it in every public way possible, in every legal way available, will advertise it in the library community nationwide, and will use every avenue open to me to resolve this. This is not a private person that has been cheated, or a for-profit business, this is a non-profit, taxpayer funded entity, and the money could have been well-used elsewhere.

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    I now find that one of the employees who went to the conference is receiving emailed surveys asking how she enjoyed her visit!!! Our reservations with Expedia were cancelled. The Hotel acknowledged that the reservation did not exist in their records.
    I think there is a severe communication problem in Expedia: first with the salesman who told us there were no more block, discounted rooms, and sold us more expensive rooms, then with the salesman who sold us the insurance so that we could cancel. Because the Hotel said there WERE block rooms! We ended up using those less expensive block rooms. And the man we talked to later said that insurance wasn't so that we COULD cancel our reservations, it was a waiver that we paid for to insure that we would NOT cancel? Someone needs to get that straightened out!
    Then, although the hotel shows no reservation for us, Expedia still is billing us and sending us surveys to see how we enjoyed our stay!!
    Please, please respond to us!!!

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    I was vocal about our complaint, I want to be fair, and just as vocal in letting it be known that our complaint was resolved.
    I called again last Wednesday, before the holiday, and got to talk to a very nice lady, Mary, who asked me to stay on the line while she called the hotel and confirmed that our reservation was cancelled, and that we did not stay there. She then made every thing right. We received email verification within 24 hours that both rooms were to be refunded. By the time I came back to work on Monday, our credit card company had received word, and they have already given us credit.
    I wish it hadn't been such an ordeal to get this taken care of, but I'm so relieved that it has finally been resolved! My advice to anyone else is the same advice that kept me working at this: if you know you're in the right, and you have proof, just keep trying.
    Also, I contacted the Better Business Bureau, and let them know it was resolved. As well as the Indiana Library Federation.

Nov 17, 2017

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