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9/29/2016 I accidentally booked a hotel reservation in Montreal, that had the same name as a hotel in Paris that I was trying to book. I was distracted by a 6 month old baby at the time. I realized my mistake immediately and called customer service right away. I was advised by customer service that the hotel would need to be contacted by Expedia to see if they would honor a cancellation. I also emailed Expedia and the hotel and called the hotel myself. The hotel did not answer my email or call, and Expedia never got back to me with any info. I challenged the charge on my credit card as well. Expedia fought my challenge and got my card to recharge me the fee for the hotel I was never going to use. I am annoyed that Expedia was seemingly only ever interested in getting my money and seemingly never tried to resolve the issue for my benefit as the customer. Now I am out $240 which is a lot of money for me and very little for Expedia.

Nov 29, 2016

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