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Europcar / damage surcharge

1 Glasgow AIrportGlasgow, Scotland, Central, United Kingdom Review updated:

I normally hire with Hertz. This time I hired a compact car (Vauxhall Meriva) with Europcar. A very big mistake.

The car was used to make short local trips for 3 days. It was not involved in any accident or any other incident, and had no damage of any kind - not even the slightest scratch - when I left it at Glasgow Airport. Although Europcar was supposed to be open until 7pm, there was nobody to check the car when I returned it at 7.01pm.

Today I received an email with an invoice detailing the rental charge and a 'damage surcharge' of 65.00. But there was absolutely no damage to the car. I will instruct my credit card company not to pay this totally unwarranted charge and will warn all my friends and colleagues not to rent with this company. Don't rent with them!

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  • Ch
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    I hired a car on the Europcar "boom er rang" contract. It was never out of my sight except when I left it at Gatwick North terminal at 4 instructed, ther was no one to check it off. On return from holiday I found that I been surcharged £135.00 for a cut tyre., for which no evidence, no prior call and above all no reply for 4 weeks from customer care. This is a rip off and there are a number of people who have been caught by this scam. Don't use them and whatever you do don't leave the car without it being checked and signed off .

  • Wi
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    I rented a car from Europcar at Heathrow when I was in UK recently for my mother's funeral. I had prepaid using a voucher from AutoEurope. The price was very reasonable (CAD$178 for seven days rental).

    I returned the car and it was checked in by the Europcar agent who said everything was fine and there were no extra charges. However when I looked at my Visa statement on my return to Canada I discovered a charge of GBP496.92. Apart from the usual surcharges hidden in the small print (Premium station surcharge etc.) and an exorbitant charge for fuel (which I knew they would charge) there was a a charge of GBP350 listed as "other surcharges".
    Europcar (UK) did not respond to my e-mails but when I phoned them and spoke to an agent he informed me that it was for a scratch on the rear of the car. There was no scratch on the car - indeed the check-in agent had accepted the car as in perfect condition.
    It seems to me that this is simply a scam - no doubt played upon overseas users who declined the collision damage waiver.
    I am currently contesting the charge with Visa, but am not sure what they will be able to do about it.
    Have other people been scammed in this outrageous way, I wonder?

  • Ie
      26th of Jul, 2018
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    @william j reed Yes, I had the same problem! I think they should pay for this and gonna make this Damage Surcharge a real damage to that SCAM-company!

  • Pu
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    The same thing has just happened to me. Visiting from the USA I prepaid several months before arriving at Heathrow and got a very good rate ( I thought). Returned the car to Heathrow, was checked in by a Europcar employee, no damage to the vehicle whatever. Almost four months later I receive a bill for 207 GBP. supposedly for irrepairable sidewall damage to a tire. There was no damage when I turned that car in & I'm sure myself or the checking in employee would have noticed any such damage.
    This company is pulling a scam on overseas visitors ie; low prepaid rates etc and then hit you with hidden small print charges plus four months later a bill for non existant damage. Neither I, nor any of my employees will ever rent from this company again.
    Is there anyway I can file a formal complaint against this company?

  • Fo
      11th of Oct, 2010
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    Don't worry, it's not just overseas visitors. I just fell victim to the same scam. Picked up compact car at Glasgow Airport, returned it three days later. Had used it only for local trips. There was absolutely no damage - not even a scratch! - and have just received an invoice detailing a 'damage surcharge' of 65.00. I will instruct my credit card company not to pay it. And I will warn all my friends and colleagues not to use this company.

  • St
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    Zaventem (18-Nov-2010 - 21-Nov-2010) - FORTY-FIVE EUROS Airport Surcharge - no-one can tell me that isn't a rip-off. Not to forget the 2.44 Euros per LITER, that is roughly $13 bucks per gallon. That is a whopping 1 Euro more per liter than the gas stations in Belgium charge. I was going to fill it up myself, but the last gas station before the airport happened to be closed for construction that day and I didn't know the area well enough to find another.
    NEVER AGAIN. Europcar is one major rip-off and I'm going to hit any blog that is willing to post with this info. Un-freaking-believable. I rented with them four years previous, also Zanventem, and there was no such surcharge. And now they're still emailing me with specials. HA! Bill is attached. OH, and I had to email them to find out why the hell they just went ahead and charged my Amex without emailing me an explanation.

  • Xk
      10th of Sep, 2012
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    Hi, I have had the same problem from europcar and requested my credit card company not to pay. However a few months later Europcar started again to chase me for teh outstanding amount.. I have had letters from credit agencies, solicitors threatening court action etc. and it just keeps going around in circles, yet no evidence of the alleged damage is ever supplied.

    I wondered if you had had the same experience or if yours has now been resolved?

  • Fo
      13th of Sep, 2012
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    Hi, I'm happy to say my complaint was resolved. I got the name and direct telephone number of the manager of that branch, called her, emailed her and left messages until she responded and agreed to remove the charge.

    I'd like to think that Europcar just recognised their 'genuine mistake'. However another possible factor is that I work in distance learning and told them I was going to post negative reviews on all the consumer websites I had access to.

    Usually there is no point responding to threats from credit agencies who are paid by result and don't care about the rights or wrongs of a case. It would be better to send a registered letter both to the Europcar office concerned AND to the head of customer relations, pointing out that unless they have proof of the alleged damage, they should cease sending letters or you will counter-sue for harassment.
    Good luck!

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