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Complaints & Reviews

money stealing company

Rented the car in France last summer from Europcar in Avignon TGV station. Returned it 3 weeks later in Rennes and a few weeks later got a bill in the mail which was 300 euro higher than anticipated. Asked them why (the bill didn't specify the reason, just had a letter 'A' as the item name, nice sense of humor) they told me that I returned the car damaged. Needless to say that I returned the car in a perfect shape, I have a witness and they even didn't bother to inspect it upon return. Now I know why.
Stay away from this scam company.

I'm looking for consumer rights information in France. I don't speak french and I read french as a 3 year old, but I want to make Europcar life as difficult as possible.

  • Re
    Renata Apr 08, 2009

    Rented the car in France last summer from Europcar in Avignon TGV station. Returned it 3 weeks later in Rennes and a few weeks later got a bill in the mail which was 300 euro higher than anticipated. Asked them why (the bill didn't specify the reason, just had a letter 'A' as the item name, nice sense of humor) they told me that I returned the car damaged. Needless to say that I returned the car in a perfect shape, I have a witness and they even didn't bother to inspect it upon return. Now I know why.
    Stay away from this scam company.

    I'm looking for consumer rights information in France. I don't speak french and I read french as a 3 year old, but I want to make Europcar life as difficult as possible.

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  • Ks
    k swart Jul 03, 2009

    I will never rent from europe car again. I rented from imperial car, south africa 2007 since then they have become europcar. I received a bill of over R9000 a year and a half renting the car ...i am still trying to sort the matter.

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car rental

We pre-booked a car with Europcar, in Mexico, Queretaro.

We were informed that we can decline the collision damage waiver and theft protection if we have a third party insurance, such as offered by our credit card.

When we arrived to pick up the car, the service woman did not like the idea that we would not be paying the additional $30+ per day on the $11/day car, so she insisted that we can only decline CDW and Theft if we place a deposit on the credit car. The deposit she wanted was the full value of the car.

Of course our credit card did not have a credit limit of $18, 000. So, screwed by Europcar we had to pay the $30/day scam fee.

fraudulent charges

I rented a car from Europcar at Heathrow when I was in UK recently for my mother's funeral. I had prepaid using a voucher from AutoEurope. The price was very reasonable (CAD$178 for seven days rental).

I returned the car and it was checked in by the Europcar agent who said everything was fine and there were no extra charges. However when I looked at my Visa statement on my return to Canada I discovered a charge of GBP496.92.
Apart from the usual surcharges hidden in the small print (Premium station surcharge etc.) and an exorbitant charge for fuel (which I knew they would charge) there was a a charge of GBP350 listed as "other surcharges".
Europcar (UK) did not respond to my e-mails but when I phoned them and spoke to an agent he informed me that it was for a scratch on the rear of the car. There was no scratch on the car - indeed the check-in agent had accepted the car as in perfect condition.
It seems to me that this is simply a scam - no doubt played upon overseas users who declined the collision damage waiver.
I am currently contesting the charge with Visa, but am not sure what they will be able to do about it.
Have other people been scammed in this outrageous way, I wonder?

  • Su
    Susan Coates Mar 31, 2009

    yes we have. and after six weeks can still not get a satisfactory response from them

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  • De
    deejayw Mar 30, 2011

    I've rented twice from EuropCar and found charges of €276 and €146 on my Credit Card post rental. First instance was damage which they claimed was on the car on return. Not true. Second case was fuel. I had returned the car with 2/3 of a full tank but yet they claim to have squeezed 59 litres into that same 70 litre tank. They also falsely advertise on the rental counter that their fuel is significantly cheaper than local fuel prices which is not true as they list the local price inclusive of VAT but display their price ex VAT.

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rude, lazy, greedy

I rented a car in 2008 from EuropCar in Marseille. The rental included a GPS, which I was instructed by the Agent to leave in the glove box when I returned the vehicle (if the office was closed). I did as instructed, but sensing a problem I tried to protect myself by taking photos as evidence. Several weeks later I received a €400 charge for the GPS. Afterward I contacted EuropCar on numerous occasions, showed them my documented photo evidence, asked them for cooperation in investigating other possible explanations for the lost GPS, but was treated rudely by their Agents and ignored by their Corporate Management.

In an effort to clear up the matter, I lodged a dispute with my Credit Card Company and explained my position. Thankfully the Credit Card Company agreed with my version of events and removed the €400 charge, saying that EuropCar acted badly. Furthermore, the Credit Card Company Agent confided in me that EuropCar is notorious for this type of behavior and congratulated me for standing up to them.

I thought the matter was done. But 6 months later, despite the Credit Card Company's verdict, I was contacted by EuropCar and advised that they still want €400. And if I don’t pay up immediately then they would put my name on a "blacklist" so I can never rent a car again in Europe. When that failed to scare me, EuropCar hired a French debt collector who is threatening me with legal action in the US if I don’t pay up.

Throughout the whole process my impression of EuropCar is that they are rude to clients, they ignore attempts at reasonable dialogue, and they’re greedy. EuropCar simply want their money in spite of the facts, and they use fear and intimidation (verbal abuse, harassing letters, and threats) to wear clients down and frighten them into settling. However, thanks to websites like this, EuropCar’s reputation can be exposed and potential victims of EuropCar will learn what kind of company they’re dealing with and hopefully avoid my experience.

  • Pa
    PaulT1962 Aug 27, 2012

    I have suffered a very similar scam. I returned a Europcar rental car to Manchester Airport in February 2012. No damage, full tank of petrol but no one available when I brought back the car. I had to hurry for a flight so just posted the keys. next credit card bill was a charge for £523 from Europcar with no explanation. I immediately queried with the AMEX who reversed the charges and charged back to Europcar after 2 months or so. That I thought was the end of it. Then in July 2012 I receive a threatening letter from Europcar to cough up immediately or be blacklisted by Europcar (hurray), have my credit record destroyed they would send in the bouncers of debt collectors and legal action. But no explanation of why I am charged £523. So I asked them for a breakdown of the charge and indicated I would not pay until I had it. Now August 2012 I have had a threatening letter from the Debt Collectors demanding immediate payment of £523 or else. But I am still in the dark as to what the charge is for. I also had additional insurance to cover any damage to the vehicle but I had to claim within 30 days of the incident. But since the incident was 6 months ago and I still do not know what it is I will not be able to recover any "legitimate" charges from the Insurance. NEVER use Europcar. I do not expect I will have to pay but it is hassel dealing with these ###s.

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  • Pe
    Peter Johanson Aug 26, 2016

    I have had a very similar experience. Europcar has got many tricks up their sleeves to Scam their customers of money. DONT USE THEM!!!

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wishy washy damage claim

Here's the transcript of my email sent to the manager:-

It is very disturbing in receiving 2 separate invoices in charging an extra total of $397.17, despite paying an extra for the so-called insurance cover on picking up the vehicle at $328.62 while originally only quoted for $215.12.

A 4 day rental of a rundown vehicle costed $725.79? What a rip off! We felt that we’ve been conned big time by Europcar!

The most run down condition car that we were ever been provided by a car rental company and yet we ended up with damages claimed on the cars that may have already been there in the 1st place! What 15cm scratch mark on frt bar ? What dent 15cm on bonnet? What pass side headlight?

The car wasn’t even cleaned up when we 1st picked it up. (e.g. My son noted a used Brumby paper bag underneath the driver seat when we moved the seat forward. Hair noted between the front passenger seat and centre console; left over drink mark in and around the cup holder) It was our fault then for not making a deal out of it!?!

We regretted so much that we didn’t make a deal despite noted many more imperfections on the panels and around the scarf plates of the doors! We took it from our previous experience with all other car rental companies that we would deal in good faith that what was fair would be fair. How wrong were we with Europcar!

We will take further actions within our rights and we will make an effort to let others know of our dumb founded experience with Europcar for sure.

We felt strongly that we were provided a rundown condition vehicle and subsequently being conned to pay extra for the wishy washy conditions that already existed before our use.

We felt so badly cheated, as there was no way of us not knowing if we had caused a 15cm dent on the bonnet and a 15cm scratch mark on the front bar and the unexplained headlight damage!?!

It is a rip off from easy customer. It’s a calculated bully.

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over charging.

I had a hire car from Europcar Italy for two years. My contract was to hire a VW Passat for the total two years. Halfway through the second year the Car Rental Office telephoned me and insisted that I take an Italian car. I was very unhappy about this as I consider Italian cars to be unreliable.

I had to take the Italian car and during my family holiday in Austria, the car broke down. I telephoned Europcar, Bergamo Airport and their representative told me not to drive the car. Europcar then sent a tow truck out to collect the car and left me and my family stranded in Austria.

One month later, Europcar charged me 400 euros for the car being returned to a foreign office?????

full of lies

I booked my car through and called the europcar dublin airport to ask if everything is included. It was.

When I got there the price went up from 35 euro to 135 euro. Also, they were giving me a 'special' because they ripped me off, the gps navigation from 10 euro to 5 euro a day (!). But they did that to everybody.

Returning GPS I asked to sign for received but they would not do that.

Very very unfriendly people and service at europcar dublin airport how I was treated.

  • Be
    BEN A Jan 24, 2011

    I book a car with EUROCAR WALTFORD for 4 days in the united Kingdom, The company manager in watford where I took the car, She did not work me arround the car, I did the work arround my self and I a saw alot of stretches on the car and I told her about it, she told me that the company is not border about small stretches. My return date was public holiday which one body was there, I returned the car in one piece. I traveled back to my country of residence, They charged my credit card and they took my security deposit, saying I cause those stretches.That is a RIP OFF and they say they are one of the big car rental in United Kingdom, All they do is to RIP poeple of thier funds.DO NOT USE THEM. Be aware of this frued.EUROCAR IS A BAD COMPANY IN WATFORD, UNITED KINGDOM

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fraudulent surcharges

I rented a car with free mileage for three days in France, in the second day I went at europcar branch and asked for extension of one day more in my rental and they accepted. For my suprise after deliver the car with a full tank and no damages my credit card was billed in 600 euros surcharge. They said that it refers to excess mileage that I drove, but the contract was with unlimited mileage. They said when I asked for period extension the contract was changed to limited mileage without any advice or discount of the km already done. So its not a reliable company NEVER USE EUROPCAR SERVICES.

  • Ga
    Gareth Apr 22, 2009

    Re. Formal complaint regards rental charges

    The letter was sent as a formal complaint, as per the Terms and Conditions of Rental, regards the charges levied under the Europcar rental agreement (Australia).

    At the time of returning the car at the expiry of rental, a verbal complaint was made.

    Complaint 1: Premium Location Surcharge (PLS) applied on return of the car at the end of the agreement – applied specifically to the Damage Liability Fee

    The rental agreement signed “The Renter” at collection on the 10/04/09 was for a total charge of $409.78. The agreement included a damage liability fee of $3, 300 ($3, 000 + 10% GST), which was signed and accepted (copy attached – car odometer reading 23071).

    On the return of the car, with some ‘Corner Scrape’ damage, the Damage Liability Fee suddenly became $3, 861 (($3, 300 + 17% PLS) + 10% GST thereon). This represents an additional fee of $561 which was not part of the Rental Agreement entered into.

    There are four issues with this:-
    - Under the terms of the Rental Agreement, there is no scope to add an additional Premium Location Surcharge upon the return of the car. The charges are those signed and accepted at the time the car is rented and these charges are acknowledged by signature. The PLS is to cover the transactional costs of doing business at an airport location (parking, use of airport premises). This does not include the costs associated with damage
    - The PLS has no bearing on the Damage Liability Fee, which is separately set under the ‘Damage & Loss of Property’ clause of the agreement. It is not acceptable under commercial and contract law to change the nature and quantum of the terms and conditions of an agreement after the fact. We do not accept that an additional $561 fee is fair or just.
    - PLS does not apply to a car returned to the airport but originally rented from another (non-premium) location. An additional fee should therefore not be applied when the car is returned.
    - There was absolutely no indication given at the time of rental, verbal or written, that the Damage Liability Fee would be increased by the PLS should any damage occur. Therefore, again, these charges do not form part of the contractual terms agreed to at the time of rental.

    We therefore request that the $561 is immediately refunded to the credit card associated with this agreement.
    Complaint 2: Excessive Premium Location Surcharge (PLS)
    The Premium Location Surcharge is a concession fee paid to Airport owners and is an addition to the costs associated with running your business. The Premium Location Surcharge varies between airport locations due to the contracted arrangements in place with Airport owners, but is typically 6% to 11%.

    The current approximate PLS rates at airports across Australia are:
    • Adelaide Airport 9% on all rental charges
    • Brisbane Airport Not applicable
    • Cairns Airport 9%
    • Canberra Airport 10.4%
    • Darwin Airport 10.5%
    • Hobart Airport 7%
    • Melbourne Airport 10%
    • Perth Airport 10%
    • Sydney Airport 11% costs
    A PLS fee of 17% charged by Europcar at Melbourne airport is excessive and not in the interests of fair practice to the consumer.

    This is particularly pertinent when the Webjet booking (, under which the reservation was made, gave no indication of an additional PLS on top of the amount quoted at the time of booking.

    I am referring this matter to Consumer Affairs Victoria for their opinion and further investigation.

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terrible company

My wife and I went for our Honeymoon in Spain and rented Europcar (although it wasn't the cheapest) to take advantage of their "Free GPS" offer. We had a 3000 miles tour of the country in mind and reserved a Peugeot 307 for comfort particularly due to my tall size.

At Europcar in San Sebastian, instead of our protest we received a Fiat Punto (way too small) instead of our 307 and the GPS was no longer free, they claimed not knowing about any free offer! In route, the GPS stopped working, we stumbled our way through Leon and eventually found a Europcar office. They were of no help, would not replace the unit and barely gave us directions to our next destination.

We brought up all these issues when we dropped the car in Barcelona and insisted they not charge us, specially since the GPS had not worked (and we had them note so in our file). In the end promises were made but when we returned to the US, we found out the GPS unit had been charged in full.

We are so sick and tired of these Bait & Switch tactics as well as the complete lack of support and wall blocking when we file complaints. This industry should be better regulated.

  • Pe
    pedrobarcelona Aug 30, 2010

    Having worked for one of these big car rental corps, I know that they will never refund you. You should have turned down the small car to begin with and ask to speak to the boss. First sign of trouble is if they cannot supply you with the car of same category as requested. Second - ask them to write down the GPS offer on file and have it printed or take photo of the computer screen. Also remember to have them write downall scratches on the car and give you a copy of the car damage report BEFORE leaving the premises.

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We recently completed a rental with Europcar from Heathrow airport. Like other posts to this board, we had the attendant go over the vehicle and he agreed that everything was fine and there would be not further charges.

A week later, I found a charge to my credit card for 350 pounds. Four days later, a second charge of 350 pounds was posted.

Unfortunately, we live in North America and I cannot go down to the Europcar office to complain. I sent a query in through the Europcar website and received a reply stating that it would be forwarded to customer service. I tried to call Europcar on two different numbers (no toll free service1!). One rang contiunuously without an answer. The second was always busy.

I have put in a challenge on all Europcar charges through my credit card company and contacted the travel agent through which we rented the car. Hopefully I will get my money back.

Europcar is running a scam, are untrustworthy, and are nothing more than your garden variety highway robbers.


I feel like I have been dealing with a company in a 3rd world country. But that is probably an unfair slight to 3rd world countries.

  • Ka
    Karrie Oct 09, 2008

    Seems to be happening worldwide, we had a similar problem in Barcelona with them. The car was still dirty from the previous rental, when we got home we had an extra £286 added to our credit card without our knowledge. I have emailed Customer Services in the UK three times with no reply, tried to call them on several occasions, once ringing for 10 mins with no reply and on 4, yes 4, occasions the phone was picked up and put straight down again.
    Still no response to our query as to what this sum was. Will never use them again on our trips to Spain, they have lost what could have been repeat custom from us and our immediate family and friends.

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  • Fg
    fgfgfgfgfgf Jul 22, 2010

    same just happened to us in South Africa...

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  • Tr
    trist Aug 09, 2011

    Yep same exact experience. One hour wait even though it was prepaid. Then they charged me twice on the credit card and impossible to find a number anywhere to complain.

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extorsionate charges

My advise is "never use europcar hire"!!
I prebooked a car several months in advance at a cost of 302 euro's including damage waiver.
When I arrived at eurocar's desk at marsielle airport I was told I should pay for excess insurance which I agreed assuming it would be a fraction of the cost. However, at the end of my holiday my card was debited with 536.36 euro's, what a con!!

The service at marseille airport was terrible, even though I was first in the door staff ignored me, I was made to wait for 15 mins by which time 4 english people where behind me, then a french woman entered and 2 staff members served her immediately making us english wait.
The car I pre-booked was not available but I was not offered an upgrade.
Also, I forgot to remove my satellite navigation windscreen mount and phoned marseille when I got home, I was told they would find it and call me back but after 4 attempts, no-one ever phoned me back.
I have emailed europcar customer service several times with no responce and hung on to an unanswered phone for hours,
Again I stress, do not use this company, they are in my opinion a bunch of crooks with no hint of customer service!!

  • Je
    Jenny Mann Sep 19, 2008

    A friend of mine had the same kind of experience. He's Chinese so I'm trying to help him..have you found any formal avenue of complaint such as a government tourist bureau or similar who might take up the cause against this company?

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    Jenny Mann (Australia)

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booked van unavailable

I booked a van over the phone. I called a few days in advance for a qoute and to check avaialbility, and was told only a few hours notice was required. I called again on the day I needed the van, booked it for collection at East Midlands Airport and got a booking number. When I arrived at the station the lady took my details and said they don't have vans at airports! She told me I could cancel my booking and then either leave without a car or rent a different one. The only one they had available and allowed for under-25 drivers was a Seat Altea. We were moving house and had no choice, so I took the car but it was smaller and so much more difficult to pack! We didn't manage to move all our belongings before the deadline, and we had to make more trips anyway, so we wasted a lot of time as well as money. I have to say the lady at the airport office has been great and very helpful, but the booking centre clearly messed it up!
What should I do now? Any advice? Thanks


we rented a car from europcar in less than 5 miles from the agency the car broke down and had to be towed. we recieved a bill 2 months later for $495 for repaires to the car.

  • Ap

    This is the worse car rental company that i had to co-operate with. I have got troubles for paying a parking ticket that i had received to Italy and nobody is doing anything to help me find a way how to pay it. Keep away from this rental company. They care only about taking your money and after that chaos.

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damage scam

We hired a car online through Holiday Autos and they allocated us to Europcar at Lyon airport in May 2008. We had no problems at all with the car (and no bumps) and when we returned it to the airport a uniformed Europcar employee carefully inspected it and (in front of us five adults from three different families) said there was no problem, nothing to sign and sent us off with a smile. "Nice company to do business with" I thought.

Back home they sent us an invoice saying "Damage Surcharge" (no other explanation) for a ludicrously round figure of EUR 1, 000.00 plus VAT which they translated at an appalling rate (which I don't believe they're allowed to do without permission) into GBP 975.24. That's a rate of 1.226 EUR to GBP when the real rate on my credit card the day we took the car back was 1.27. Then they compounded the scam by taking it from my credit card account in two chunks, presumably to avoid large amount checks that could have stopped the scam at source.

Since then I have spent an enormous amount of time writing, emailing etc with no response whatsoever from Europcar (France or UK), nothing useful from Holiday Autos either. But just in time my credit card company (Nationwide, who give excellent exchange rates on overseas purchases) have come up trumps and put the scam amounts into dispute status so at least they won't hit my bank account on Monday.

My guess is that Europcar puts intolerable pressure on its employees to meet short term targets whatever the long term cost in terms of customers outraged by their behavior. It's not just that I would never use Europcar again - I'm so annoyed by their scam that I want to warn as many other people as I can too.

Incidentally we did pay Holiday Autos a modest sum for a damage excess waiver - but their terms say they can only reimburse a damage excess charge if there is a damage report. How could there be a damage report when the Europcar inspector agreed there was no damage and nothing to sign?

The previous time we rented a car in France I chose Sixt, from Montpellier airport. We had the same car, a Ford CMAX, as from Europcar but none of the nasty aftershocks.

  • Eb
    EBaker Jul 10, 2008

    An update to my review. With persistence they gave in in the end. First Europcar France reduced the hit from GBP1000 to 200 then Europcar UK gave us a full refund. Apart from online reviews the real trigger was The Guardian newspaper's consumer champion forwarding my account to Europcar UK. Holiday Autos, who I paid for the car hire, were useless and failed to make any substantive response after five weeks. But in the end I've lost nothing but a lot of time over this scam.

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  • Fo
    footmail51 Oct 11, 2010

    The same thing just happened to me. I normally rent with Hertz. This time, I flew with Easyjet so booked with their 'preferred partner' Europcar. A very big mistake. I rented a compact car at Glasgow Airport, returned it to the same place on Sunday evening, with not a single scratch on it. Today I received an invoice detailing a 'damage surcharge' of 65.00 GBP! But there was absolutely no damage to the car. As with other renters, there was nobody to check the car when I returned it - though it was supposed to be open until 7pm. It wasn't. I will ask the credit card company not to pay it.

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I rented a car at Paris CDG Airport from Indonesia from 15/05/08 till 31/05/08. The confirmation came 2 days later at "approximately" Euros 515. Rental Agreement [protected]. When I returned the car and the GPS nobody checked it. It was in perfect condition anyway. The attendant asked me to sign a receipt where the estimate payable shows Estimate payable Euros 525, 77. I asked if this was the amount my account would be debited and he answered YES.

I am very surprised to receive the bill 2 weeks later showing an amount of 973, 65. It shows a Charge of Special equipment replacement (GPS I believe) of Euros 334, 44. I totally disagree about this and ask a review of the bill as it was at the reservation. I am looking forward to your advise.

Thierry Gasnier.

  • Ja
    Jayasingam Nov 18, 2009

    My name is Jayasingam. I rented a car in UK from Europcar through easycar. I didn't even rent the GPS. And they overharged me 50 pounds for 'special equi repl'. I have complained and await their response

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fraud and rip off!

Having booked through Travelocity, we picked up our rental car from Copenhagen and dropped it off at...

fraud and cheating!

Having taken our credit card details, Europcar helped themselves to an extra days rental fee. They sent us an invoice claiming that we had collected the car whilst still flying over Belgium and returned the car more than a day late when we'd been home for nearly a day! Europcar are stonewalling and lying to our Credit Card company who don't seem to be trying too hard for us. Having scoured the internet it seems that kind of practice is widespread within Europcar. It is probably even in their business plan!

Do not use Europcar and if you use an intermediary insist that they do not use Europcar.

  • Ma
    mairead murray Feb 04, 2008

    I too have experienced problems with Europcar. After taking out extra insurance we were invoiced for $600.00 but they actually took out from my visa $803.00. They refuse to send me details on the insurance, but keep telling me I was not covered. Our rental car was parked outside our hotel and tropical rain/cyclone moved in and it became wet on the back floor. It took me 3 weeks and 15 emails to their Brisbane office to find out how they actually brok the bill down. To wash the outside of the car $85.00, to remove the carpet and dry $503.00, yet my insurance didn't slot in, and no explanation as to why not. Their customer service Manager sent their Regional Manager an email quoting "The nerve of her" meaning me, for actually questioning the bill. These people have been extremely rude, and very careful not to give too much information out. I agree it seems to be their policy to over charge and they are disgusted if you question them. I will never deal with this firm again.

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  • Ja
    Jason Aug 11, 2008

    I have rented a car from europcar Austria and I must say that their service was horrible regarding recommendations.I was not aware as I live on a small island, Malta Europe, to keep the car in low gears when coming down a mountain and due to this my rented car broke down.If only they could have told me how to handle the car in these circumstances I wouldn't have caused this breakdown.When returning the car I wasn't charged anything, other than the fuel of the car which was held at their office to service it as they have given me a replacement.I am really angry as I had to pay €900 for this break down of which I don't have to get the full blame of it.It was their job to advise us before hand.When calling the tow truck guy to came over to see the damage, his first question was, how did I get down the mountain as this was very usual for him, being called for this breakdown by tourists.I will deal with another car rental company if this charge is not reversed.

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no spare tyre, terrible service, no response to complaint!

I would strongly advise against using this company. We booked car hire through Carjet and were allocated thi...

unfair damage charge


Europcar (Guerin Lda) - Lisbon Airport charged me $1900.00 for damage to hire vehicle, see following detailed letter to them:

I write with regard to the above contract and the monies that your company have seen fit to charge me for damage to the air conditioning of the vehicle.

At 17:25 on Saturday 20th May I collected a Nissan Pathfinder (Group R) from your Lisbon Airport office and drove to my villa at Quinta da Beloura near Sintra along with three other members of my family.

On Monday 22nd May the weather became warmer and we realized that the air conditioning was not working. The following day (Tuesday) the car was returned to your offices in Cascais where your representative confirmed that it was defective.

Unfortunately your office in Lisbon were unable to deliver a replacement Nissan and I had to loose a half day of my holiday driving to Lisbon to exchange the vehicle.

On returning to Lisbon Airport on 30th May I was told that I am to be charged a total of 2600 Euros for the repair to the air conditioning of the first vehicle. This charge is totally unacceptable as I did not cause the damage.

I would ask for your consideration of the following points:

1.. The fault was reported to your nearest office as soon as we realized that the air conditioning was defective.

2.. During the time that we had the car we drove a total of 239 km, 70 km of which was driving to and from your offices in Cascais and Lisbon. The car was only used on good roads and was never taken off-road.

3.. Your representative at Lisbon Airport informed me that there was considerable damage to the underside of the vehicle causing the air conditioning to fail. He also stated that this was due to the car being used off road. The contract that I have shows the car to have considerable damage to the body prior to my hire. It states damage to right front mud guard, right front door, left front mud guard, left rear door, left rear mud guard and aerial. There were also a number of large scratches to the paintwork along the length of the car on both sides. All of this shows the car to have been damaged / driven off road prior to my hire.

4.. No additional damage other than that already described was reported by your office when the car was returned to show that I had treated the vehicle poorly.

5.. Your records will show that I have previously hired large four-wheel drive vehicles from Guerin Lda without incident. The reason for doing so is due to the increased comfort and luggage space as opposed to the vehicles four-wheel drive abilities. On this occasion the combined age of my party of four was in excess of 200 years, therefore off-road driving was of no interest.

At all times I have acted in good faith and honesty regarding the initial reporting of the defect and my time taken to return the car to your Lisbon offices. It is ironic that had I not acted with such honesty the defect would not have been detected until the vehicle re-hired and I would now not be in such a position.

Considering the above facts I would ask that these charges be withdrawn and that my credit card be credited with the total amount charged.

The money was refunded but only I had identified and written to a number of Directors of the company and posted internet complaints with several newspapers.

  • Da
    Danron Aug 15, 2018


    I rented a car from Europcar rental in CDG airport in Paris France
    reference number FR 767975720.
    after checking my credit card report i saw that I was doubled charged.
    I can reach them by phone and have not managed to get an email...

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  • Ub
    ubirajara santos Aug 20, 2018

    Dear manager,

    I've been paciently awayting for your support and help.
    I do apreciate any fair answer. Pleas sen to email [email protected]
    santos, ubirajara

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  • Va
    Vacheh Aug 28, 2018

    Hi I rented a Mercedes Vito on August 10 and was inspected and found that the rear door was broken and glass was replaced the old Glass all over the back seat from a previous incident cut my self cleaning is this how you give cars to your customers I had to vaccum the car so it would not cut the kids and other passenger I would like a refund

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  • Pa
    Pauljdavis Sep 02, 2018

    Worst car rental experience ever!

    Would never use or recommend Europcar to anyone. To anyone reading this, DO NOT GIVE EUROPCAR YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. My credit card has been charged 7 times. I only rented 2 cars. Administration is a shambles. Terrible company to deal with. Never again!

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  • Am
    A Mehta Oct 16, 2018


    This is Anurag Mehta and I was charged 28 Euros extra for refueling and fuel charges after I returned the vehicle with a FULL tank of gas.

    Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Attached is the receipt for my rental.


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  • Ma
    Mazzy Meng Nov 12, 2018

    I was hit by one of Europcar customer and I called Europcar thousands of time to get back my claim, but it always can not be connected through and they've been always pushing away the reponsibilty!!!

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fraud and cheating!

My wife and son went to Ireland on vacation, she booked a car rental with EUROPCAR through the ORBITZ...