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Feedback: Hi this Aravind Chellappa booked ticked(Ticket no:[protected]) on ur airways on 23 of this month for the travel date of 26-4-17. In my ticket it was mentioned that it was confirmed. Boarding at airport ur officers said ur ticket status was in no go, and to clear that they need some documents like ticket, passport, card details and all. I forwarded that all in E-Mail to ur concern(mail Id - [protected] And ur officer conformed that this will be processe min 12hrs and you will get a ticket in next flight to the destination. Evening time they called me and asking 26000 to travel in next flight. What kind of method is this I can't understand. For me you conformed the ticked while booking, and u asked for documents while boarding and I forwarded that too. Now again you are asking me to pay 26000 to travel. Where is my fault here? why I have to pay 26000? I delayed my works there by 1 day because of ur faults, I accepted that as a coordination. Now this 26000 also have to pay for your faults. What kind of system is this. I need a ticket in next flight, I can't wait here for a week for your faults. Attached all documents for your reference and quick respond. Arrange the things ASAP.

Your travel details
Flight Number (e.g. EY 256): EY239
Flight date: 26/04/2017
Ticket number: [protected]
Class of travel: Economy
From: Chennai, Chennai Airport (MAA), India
To: Riyadh, King Khalid Airport (RUH), Saudi Arabia
Booking reference: HRAOLU

Your personal details
Etihad Guest Number: [protected]
Title: Mr
First name: Aravind
Last name: Chellappa
Email address: aravind.[protected]
Mobile phone number: IN9486630207
Mobile phone number: SA534888375
City: Chennai
Country: India

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways

Apr 29, 2017

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