Etihad Airways / flight preponed and left early

Iraq Review updated:

Yesterday's ey0558 flight from erbil to abudhabi was scheduled at 15:45 hrs and upon reaching the airport, it was informed that the flight preponed and left before noon. Called few people in the airlines and they informed that they cannot do anything, you may call dubai office or pay extra for next day's flight etc etc.
I met few other passengers who had same experience becuase of the same issue.

I am a frequent flyer and decided not to fly in etihad any more and also decided to discourage others to choose the same. Now booked in a different carrier to fly today evening.

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      18th of Apr, 2012

    Nokenmar Imsong, These are bogus emails which is being recieved by thousands of people every day. Press delete tab and forget it. Do not even think of transfering your money



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  • Ke
      13th of May, 2012

    What to do if your luggage is lost or damaged
    Lost, damaged or delayed baggage is covered under the 1999 Montreal Convention. Under the Convention, the airline is liable in most cases for luggage that has been delayed, damaged or lost. This liability is limited to approximately £1, 129.

    You should report any problems with missing or damaged baggage at the service desk in the collection hall before you leave the airport. The agent on duty will file a report and give you a copy. Make sure you don’t lose it, as it will be easier to make a claim with the airline if you show the report.

    If you are carrying particularly valuable items, you should tell the airline before your baggage is checked in. In many cases, you can pay a fee and make a ‘special declaration’ that will cover your item for the full amount. For more information about special fees, contact your airline directly.
    Complaining about airlines or airports
    If you have a complaint, it is best to resolve it using the two-stage process below.
    Speak to airport or airline staff
    Try to speak to someone at the airport or airline. They might be able to sort out your problem straight away. If they are unable to help or if you are still not happy, try to find out who is responsible for what went wrong. It may be that the airline is not at fault.

    Make a note of the names of people you speak to, dates, times and any other relevant information.
    Put your complaint in writing
    If talking to staff doesn't resolve things, the next step is to put your complaint in a letter. Depending on whose services you are complaining about, this should be addressed to:

    the customer relations department of the airline
    the tour organiser
    the operator of your package holiday
    the airport
    Briefly explain what went wrong and say what you expect to be done about your complaint. If you want compensation, say so, and say how much you expect. Whatever you write, be reasonable and stick to the facts.

    Send copies of tickets or receipts with your first letter of complaint and keep the originals. If you are claiming a refund, the airline or travel agent will need the original tickets eventually. You should, however, hold onto these until you have a promise of a refund in writing. This is unless you can go to the travel agent or airline office yourself to get the refund there and then.

    Remember to keep copies of all correspondence.
    Escalating your complaint
    If you have complained to an airline or airport in writing and you're not satisfied with the outcome, contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

    If you write to the CAA, make sure you include copies of all correspondence you have exchanged with the airline or airport.

    Send your complaint to:
    Passenger complaints
    Civil Aviation Authority
    CAA House
    45-59 Kingsway
    WC2B 6TE

    Or call 020 7240 6061.

    Contact the CAA Opens new window

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