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Esurance Auto Insurance / The fine print is wretched!

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Granted everyone is told to read the fine print. This is wretched.

I am selling my vehicle because I bought another and couldn't find my title. I did a Google search for the Florida DMV and this was at the top. Google is supposed to list the search results in order of the most relevant.

This site was listed first.

Since the suffix was ".org" I clicked on it.

While I'm searching the page for the Vehicle Title link, I find Automobile insurance. Well how handy this is, I thought.

I needed to supply proof of insurance with in 48 hours of purchase and I hadn't had time to shop.

So, you guessed it I purchased auto insurance from Esurance. What shysters. Once they got my credit card account, they were pulling money out of my account whenever they wanted without notification.

They say they emailed me, which was no true. The only email that was sent was an email with the acknowledgement of receipt of payment. That email made it.

They doubled my rates because they did a credit check and found that I had poor credit and took money out of my account without notification within 7 days. (payment wasn't due for another 21 days) They stated that people with poor credit ratings statistically have filled more claims!! This is horrendous!! It's Profiling and Discrimination. I am not a statistic and I haven't filed a claim in 25 years. That's like saying because all of the prison populations are 80% black and Hispanic, that if I were black or Hispanic that I'm going to commit a crime, so lock me up, now!

I went back to GEICO and will never stray again. They actually base premiums on driving records.

Esurance is charging me a 10% early cancellation fee on the higher rate, (this is not a cell phone) that I did not accept and are calculating the 10 days of coverage on the higher rate that I did not accept and canceled the policy as soon as I saw the debit of $200.00 from my account.

I called the bank and filed a complaint against the $200.00. The company refunded $224.00 on the premise that they had $414.00. My premiums were only $107.00 per month.

I'm still fighting to keep them out of my account. They are only entitled to $35.00 which is 10 days coverage. Even if they are entitled to the 10% that's only $80.00.
They can only charge me of the accepted rate, now grandfather it back to the original coverage date and extract money from that.

My point is, these people are using the reputation of the Florida State Government to sell insurance! They are wretched people. And the woman on the phone was hostile, belligerent, and threatening!!!!!!!!!! I know the Florida laws and insurance requirements, I live here. I was already covered by GEICO when I called and canceled.

I don't know what else to do but make you aware of this website and their unfair practices.

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  • Si
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    It's not really fine print when it's in capital letters in bold on your terms and conditions. At least it is on mine. It's pretty obvious. I suppose they could have made it red, too, but I bet it wouldn't have convinced you to read it.

    Granted, the terms and conditions are long, what with all the legal wording, but it's all there, and it's very obvious.

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