AGAPE AUTO WARRANTY Complaints & Reviews

Agape Auto Warranties / Need repair and can'f find them.


On 9/20/07 I paid Agape Auto Warranties for a 5 year extended warranty on my F250 4x4 truck. I have tried to call them before and didn't have much success. On 11/9/2010 I tried to contact them about replacing the steering gear in my truck which is covered according to my printed...

Agape Auto Warranties / AGAPE Failed to Honor Warranty Claim


In Sept 2009 bought a Warranty from Michael Calozza. In Dec 2009 a claim was filed and AGAPE never responded to phone calls or e-mails. In Jan 2010 another claim was filed by phone calls and e-mails, with NO response from mike or the Warranty Claim number. This outfit is nothing but a...

Agape Auto Warranties / Ripped off


Agape Auto Warranties…The owner has skipped town with your money.He took mine too.If your interested in filing any complaints with the AG’s in both Arizona and Nevada.I have been in touch with both AG’s they are waiting for your written complaints.I have contacted other...

Agape Auto Warranties / car warranty


I called to get my heater core reapired that is under warranty to only find out the this company is no were to be found. It seem there phones and web sire are no longer working. I bought this warrant almost 2 years ago and every thing was fine and now it seems the company has just up and closed.

Agape Auto Warranties / Non payment of service


I purchased my vehicle warranty from Agape Auto Warranties on February 3, 2008. On January 8, 2010 I took my vehicle in for repairs. The dealer contacted American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. (the company that Agape brokered). They told the dealer that my policy was not in the...

Agape Auto Warranties / Extended warranty coverage


This is my first time putting in claim for services covered by the extended warrany I purchase .IT took 2days to get approval for the work to be done after several phone calls. I had to rent a car for the two days out of my pocket which i am covered for .THE NISSAN DEALERSHIP THAT DID THE WORK...